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Levinshor, also known as Akaron and commonly dubbed "the Gateway to Balaurea", is bonus map designed for level 65 players that was introduced in the 4.7 update. The map derives its nickname from the numerous portals to other regions it contains, such as Inggison, Gelkmaros, Reshanta and the Idian Depths.

On this map players can capture mini-outposts known as bases to unlock weekly quests for blood marks. However since the introduction of the renewed Upper Abyss in 4.9 this map has been mostly abandoned since the Blood Mark gains pale in comparison to those from the newer areas. Still, players will visit it sometimes for the instance portals and some of the campaign quests which take place here.

Accessing Levinshor Edit

  • Via the Teleporter in Cygnea (Elyos) or Enshar (Asmodians).
  • Via the Fortress Teleporter in any of of the Inggison or Gelkmaros fortresses the faction owns.
  • Via the Teleporter in Iluma (Elyos) or Norsvold (Asmodians).
  • Via a portal in the new Upper Abyss Landing (Level 4 Reinforcement is needed to use this portal).

Lay of the Land Edit

  • Shared Map.
  • 24/7 Open-World PvP (no neutral zones).
  • 13 Bases.
  • 4 Idian Depths access points.

Levinshor.7 Soundtrack - Tidewash Cove

The beautiful, lush lands of Levinshor are littered with mountain ranges and other rugged landscape, but managed to retain its visually appealing status and boasts an outstanding soundtrack, making it an instant favorite of many players upon its release. Elyos characters start at the Lumewillow Glade Scout Base at the top left of the map, while the Asmodians will find themselves at the Pinnacle Cataract Outpost in the bottom right corner. As with Kaldor, the starting areas for both races are separated from rest of the map and are thus one-way travel: once you jump off, you can't get back on. These areas are meant to be PvE areas inaccessible to members of the other race.

Bases Edit

Levinshor features 13 bases (capture-able mini-outposts) that provide weekly quests for Blood Marks and sell crafting materials used for the Tomul/Denku skin sets. Bases are split into four "groups" based on the color of the circle around them. Each "group" has its own series of quests that can be taken from any of the occupied bases in that group. To complete all quests, however, the players will need to own all bases of that color group. Players can claim a base by defeating the warcaptain/subjugation leader NPCs inside of them.

Vocoliths Edit

Vocoliths are monuments that can be activated with Ancestor Relics to summon special elite monsters which advance related quests and drop materials needed to craft the Tomul/Denku skin sets. Ancestor Relics themselves are rare drops from hostile Shaman/Aquamancer-type monsters found around friendly bases (if at least 2 out of 3 in a color group have been captured).

Battle for the Center Edit

Veille and Mastarius have recovered from Tiamat's attack and will battle in the center of the map on specific days at a selected time. The factions can support them in taking down the opposing agent to have a chance at a piece from their faction agent's unique skin set.

Secret Quests Edit

There are also several 'hidden' daily and semi-weekly quests that award AP relics, supplements, and Ceranium medals. The daily quests can be taken from your faction's starting outpost, while the semi-weekly quests are taken from the Inggison/Gelkmaros fortresses that your faction owns. Each of these four fortresses has two unique quests associated with it (making for 8 total) and can be shared with party members and turned in remotely.

The need to possess all forts can be circumvented by taking all 8 quests when your faction has control over all Inggi/Gelk forts once, and then sharing the quests to an alt character. On the reset days (Sunday/Thursday), you can share them back to your main with the help of a friend and share them to other players, making it easier to assemble groups for doing the weeklies.

Instances Edit

Solo Instances

Group Instances

Alliance Instances

History Edit

The lush land of Levinshor belies a terrible secret, for long ago it was Tiamat’s seat of power prior to her ascension as a dragon lord. It had long been sealed away by a powerful barrier, but with Tiamat’s demise, Beritra was able to dispel the barrier and take control of Levinshor for his own purposes. Specifically, he desired the fruits of the Linkgate Foundry’s research. Seeing Beritra’s troops on the move, the Elyos and Asmodian forces realized the barrier must’ve been removed, and began their own incursions.

--Official description from the 4.7 patch notes.

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