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Lumias is a Daeva residing in Sanctum. Recently he lost his wife, and one of his two sons ascended as a Daeva. He worries about his youngest son, the only family member who still remains a Human.

Locations Edit

Dialogue Edit

"I have two children.
Annnnnd... my eldest 'scended. A Daeva.
A great family honor, isnnit?"
1 "It is. Congratulations."
X "Drunkard."
"Thankyew. An' I am deeply proud tha' my first child's following my footsteps, but... oh, 's not your prob'm, but...
You seem nice. Nice face. I los' my wife, an' the kids lost their mother. My younges' jus' cried an' cried.
My older son wansa come to Sanctum, like his Dad, take Daeva's duties. But my younger one? He's alone! Alla lone. No mama, no papa, no oller brother? An' if I bring 'im here, then what? Have 'im sweep the streets? Can' quit my wings, can' quit my li'l boy..."
X "Ariel guide you, brother."

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