Macro Window

Macros are a function that allow you to perform several actions with the click of one button (or keybind) and can make the most complex setup of targeting and skills simple. A macro can be placed on the skillbar just like any other skill, or used from the Macro Window. There are a total of 12 macro spaces.

  • Dragging a skill, function, emotion, Quickbar or item icons onto the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window enters the command automatically
  • You cannot enter another macro within a macro.
  • Some commands may require sufficient cooldown time between the execution of commands. Enter a delay.
  • Macros are stopped when there is not enough MP or HP to execute a skill, or when there is no target.
  • Use the Example tab to see how to use commands.
  • It is possible to Cut & Paste from an external program such as Notepad.
  • Macros built on one character will NOT carry over to a new or different character.

How to Make a Macro Edit

  1. Open the Macro Window (U) and click <New>.
  2. The top box is the place to add the name of the new macro, with a maximum of 10 letters.
  3. The next section allows a short description to be added.
  4. Select an icon to represent the macro.
  5. Add the actions.
  6. Click <Save> and the macro is ready to use.

Editing and Deleting Macros Edit

Use the <Edit> in the Macro Window (U) to make changes to the macro. Remember to <Save> again. Use the <Delete> to permanently remove a macro.

Commands Edit

/SkillEnter /Skill [Skill Name] in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window. You need to enter the exact name of the skill, including spaces, to run the macro properly.
/UseEnter /Use [item name] accurately in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window.
/QuickBar x y zEnter /Quickbar [quickbar type] [number of quickbar rows] [quickbar number] in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window. The numbers for quickbar types are: Basic Quickbar (1), Alt Quickbar (2), Ctrl Quickbar (3), and Right Quickbar (4).
/DelayEnter Delay X. The time is measured in seconds. This will cause the Macro to wait X seconds before performing the next item on the script.
/Chatcommand ChatEnter /[chat mode] [text] in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window.

You can enter [Yourself], [Pet], [Group1~5], [Pet1~5], [Target], [PreviousTarget] and [TargetofTarget] while in the middle of a chat.

/ ChannelCommandA channel command can be registered to a macro.
/Choose NPCName, CharacterName Select NPCName, CharacterName, VariableYou can assign variables to frequently used names by entering /Variable [0~9] [name] in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window.

Parameters Edit

%SelfUse when selecting yourself
%PetUse when selecting your pet
%PartyN_PetUse when selecting a pet that belongs to the party member N
%SupportSelect the target of the chosen target
%AutomaticSelectAuto Select (Shortcut : Tab)

Variables Edit

A variable can be assigned to names that are frequently used. In the Macro Command box enter /variable [0-9]. For example, if you enter /Variable 0 Minor Mana Potion, then in a macro later you would only have to enter /Use #variable0.

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