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Echoes of Eternity

Aion- Echoes of Eternity - Lore Cinematic02:18

Aion- Echoes of Eternity - Lore Cinematic

Forever thought to be the impenetrable defence against the fierce Balaur, everyone's ground shook when the Aetheric Field protecting Elysea and Asmodae was announced to be becoming weaker. Daevas may now finally venture into the core of their existence, where it all began, the Tower of Eternity.

Uncovering secrets kept by Lady Siel herself, the events which led to the Cataclysm are shown under a much different light with the introduction of a new mysterious and powerful character; the Archdaeva. Investigation of the Tower leads to ancient knowledge, guarded by extremely powerful presences.

Daevas will gain strength, explore the new regions of Iluma and Norsvold, and uncover primordial records. Meanwhile however, Balaur forces are not out of the picture, as the Ereshkigal armies grow in power and numbers, preparing for an ultimate assault, and the arrival of the Queen of Ice...

The World of Aion

Atreia is the "planet" in the Aion universe where the game is played. Unlike planets of our universe, Atreia resembles two hollow hemispheres (or rather, "hemi-shells") with a single axle tower, the Tower of Eternity, connecting the centers of the two halves. Life flourished inside the shell-like bowls, while the "surface" of the world is barren.

Prior to the Millennium War, all life giving energy was supplied by Aion, shining forth from the Tower of Eternity in the center of the planet.

However, due to a cataclysmic event during the Millennium War, the Tower of Eternity is now broken, and rifts in the fabric of space known collectively as the Abyss now occupy much of the center of Atreia.

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