Mana Treatment
Mana Treatment I
Usable by
Class: All
Uses Odella Powder to recover XXX MP instantly, and then XX MP every 3Sec for 10Sec.
Type: Basic
Target: Self
Range: 0m
Casting Time: 4s
Cooldown Time: 16s
Ranks: 5
Acquisition: Skill Book

Mana Treatment is a set of skills that use Odella Powder to cure light wounds. While potions recover more mana, Odella Powder is generally much cheaper to purchase.


Mana Treatment I <Mana Treatment I> 10 Mana Treatment I (skillbook)
Mana Treatment II <Mana Treatment II> 22 Mana Treatment II (skillbook)
Mana Treatment III <Mana Treatment III> 34 Mana Treatment III (skillbook)
Mana Treatment IV <Mana Treatment IV> 46 Mana Treatment IV (skillbook)
Mana Treatment V <Mana Treatment V> 58 Mana Treatment V (skillbook)

Notes Edit

  • Mana Treatment tapers off in effectiveness as your level increases. 654 (total) mana at level 58 isn't much at all compared to the 4s cast and the huge amount of mana you have at this level even as a warrior class.
  • Mana Treatment cannot be used during battle. Any attack will interrupt you.

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