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Maorinerk is a Shugo who works at the Outer Dock. He is involved in legal disputes with several customers over the quality of his products, but he claims it's a Daeva plot.

Locations Edit

Dialogue Edit

"Daeva has traveled, yes? Knows many truths?
Perhaps you can tell Maorinerk why he must trade insults with customers, and not Kinah.
Is just business, yes? Sometimes there are problems! Always someone is at fault, but angry words instead of fair negotiations are not acceptable."
1 "What happened?"
X "Farewell."
"Rude Luelas comes often for spices. Maorinerk always trades fairly, but Luelas insists that this month's goods are not the same as before.
Poorer quality. Poorer, he says! Terms are clear. No returns, no refunds. No need for anger, is just business.
Why must he call me a Sapiens? Sapiens! Of all things to say!"
1 "Why is that an insult?"
X "Farewell."
"Why? Why?! Is an insult to all Shugos!
We are no Sapiens! Would Daeva trade with Krall or Dukaki? Sapiens?! Stupid, violent creatures. Not at all like Shugos.
Maorinerk, has worked long and hard to serve, and this is his thanks?"
X "My apologies."

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