Marmeia's Krall Research
Race Elyos
Type Standard quest
Number 1911
Given by <Marmeia>
in Tempest Shipyard
Level 14 (10)
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 1911]
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Marmeia needs to collate information for her book on the traditional beliefs of Kobolds. Collect amulets from the Kobolds inhabiting the Dukaki Settlement, then bring them to Marmeia.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Travel to the Dukaki Settlement and kill Dukaki in the Dukaki Mines to obtain 2 Dukaki Amulets. Return to Marmeia to receive reward.

  • Note: Drop rate for amulets is very low.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Ah! I can see a keen intellect behind that glint in your eye. Sharp minds such as ours are priceless in these treacherous times.
In fact, I am writing a new tome on the traditional beliefs of Kobolds, a sequel to my previous work, "A Study of Krall Religious Rituals." Perhaps you are familiar with it?
The slave/master relationship between Krall and Kobold is well documented. The cultures of the two races bear remarkable similarities. Yet when it comes to religion, we see dramatic differences."
1 "What kind of differences?"
"The Krall revere iconic figures such as Saendukal the Dragon Lord. The Kobolds, on the other hand, are tethered to more a rustic system of worship. Their idols are rocks, trees, and even some of the larger animals of our world--the animals they don't eat, of course.
The Dukaki tribe of the Verteron region are particularly staunch in their beliefs. They sometimes carry strange wooden amulets, carved in the likenesses of their gods.
The amulets vary widely in shape and design. I believe rank, profession, and gender all play a part in determining the appearance of an amulet, but I need more examples so I can undertake a complete study."
1 "Do you need any help?"
"I thought you'd never ask! Some Elyos think it strange and even unhealthy to take an interest in these bestial creatures, but knowing one's enemy is the first step to defeating them.
Ideally, I would conduct all of the research for my book myself, but...well...the problem is Ulaguru. I am the only one who can handle him, you see, and he can't very well come with me.
Would you collect some Dukaki Amulets for me, [Player Name]?"

Accept Edit

"I was right about you! They usually carry their Amulets when they are safe in their own community, such as the Dukaki in Verteron. You're unlikely to find them anywhere else.
Remember, the Dukaki will protect their Dukaki Amulets fiercely. You may need to be especially...persuasive, but I'll leave your methods up to you.
Stick to the task, [Player Name]. Though your job may be arduous, the scientific cause is of tremendous importance!"
X "I understand. Faith and arms!"

Decline Edit

"Hmm...perhaps I misjudged you.
Your assistance would not go unrewarded, of course. I understand that not everyone shares my passion for knowledge.
Please speak to me again if you change your mind."
X "I will."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"[Player Name], thank Ariel! I had begun to fear for your safety.
Did you recover the Dukaki Amulets?
My studies have all but ground to a halt. Without new objects worthy of study, a scholar is isolated--as imprisoned as Ulaguru here."
1 "Here are your amulets."

Failed Item Check Edit

"I had such high hopes for you. I thought you understood the gravity of my work.
Sanctum is not only a place for physical ascension We shape the minds of Daevas here as well. We must guide our people as accurately as we can.
Please keep your word and bring the Dukaki Amulets to me. I am placing my faith in you, [Player Name]."
X "I won't let you down."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Yes, these are the amulets!
Do you see how they correspond to the Kobold gods? This one here, for instance, it resembles a Brax...and this one, it seems to be some sort of tree. I wonder if...yes, of course! The Kobold religion is...oh my...
Forgive me, [Player Name]. Where are my manners? It's just that having the amulets here, in my hand...I can finally continue my work. Thank you! You have performed a great service."

Summary Edit

Marmeia told you that she lacks the information required to complete the book she is writing on the traditional beliefs of Kobolds.

Since she has to mind Ulaguru and can't leave Sanctum, you collected Dukaki amulets for her. She thanked and rewarded you for your efforts, asking you to bring her any more amulets you may find.

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