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Meteor Strike
Meteor Strike I
Usable by
Class: Chanter
Inflicts XXX physical damage

Decreases target's physical defense by YYY

Decrease flight speed by 50% for 4sec

Chain skill 1

Type: Offensive
Target: Target
Range: 0m
Casting Time: 0s
Cooldown Time: 8s
Ranks: 5
Acquisition: Skill Book

Meteor Strike is an offensive ability used by chanters. Requires a close range weapon, such as a staff or mace.


Meteor Strike I <Meteor Strike I> 10 22px Meteor Strike I (skillbook)
Meteor Strike II <Meteor Strike II> 22 22px Meteor Strike II (skillbook)
Meteor Strike III <Meteor Strike III> 34 22px Meteor Strike III (skillbook)
Meteor Strike IV <Meteor Strike IV> 45 22px Meteor Strike IV (skillbook)
Meteor Strike V <Meteor Strike V> 57 22px Meteor Strike V (skillbook)
*Note: The effect of the skill will be different from these base values, depending on the character's level, equipped items, and other bonuses.


Meteor BlowIncandescent BlowPentacle ShockFile:Meteor Blow Chain.pngMeteor Blow Chain

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