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Munin as seen in his prison in The Forsaken Hollow.

Munin is a prescient Daeva, now imprisoned in a crystal at the The Forsaken Hollow. He was exiled after some sort of accusations in Pandaemonium.

Locations Edit

Quests Edit

Starts quests
Ends quest

Dialogue Edit

"I wonder how I look to you. Imagine my predicament, child--a Daeva--granted power so that he can protect his people only to have his power confined within this cell.
You'd think I would find this life frustrating, but...
Pandaemonium is full of treachery. It may appear grand and wonderful, but it is a hollow place, devoid of conviction or virtue.
There are a few things, though, that I miss from the city."
1 "Such as?"
X "Aion watch over you."
"Conversations. There were some people I could trust.
And other things, too. Good food, comfortable living quarters...
Ah, I'm not one to complain, so I won't start now."
X "Blood for blood."
With quests

Trivia Edit

  • The name Munin is most probably taken from Norse mythology. Odin, ruler of Asgard, had two ravens who sat on his shoulders. Their names were Hugin (thought) and Munin (mind).

Notes Edit

  • Munin was supposed to have different dialogue for players after they have ascended, but it seems it was never implemented. That dialogue should have been:
"It's been a while, [Player Name].
How is life treating you? Have you explored the wondrous and deceitful world of Pandaemonium yet?
Ah, forgive my questions.
But please, just one more...have you spoken with anyone who can get me out of here?"
X "I'll keep looking, Munin."

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