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Nezekan, Lord of Justice

Nezekan, known as the Lord of Justice, is one of the Empyrean Lords. He is a follower of Ariel, and after the Cataclysm became a Seraphim Lord.

Character Edit

He is fair, upright, thoughtful, and symbolised by Justice and the Templar class. He is seen as reserved and prudent, but he acts swiftly once he's reached a decision.

Nezekan has amazing physical power and can endure any kind of attack. He is known for using "Izith", the shield of mystery. His power is the most equally matched, of all the Daevas in Atreia, with that of the Shedim Lord Zikel.

History Edit

When Ariel suggested peace talks with the Dragon Lords, Nezekan followed her lead and agreed without hesitation.

Nezekan and Triniel met again after the opening of the Abyss and fought bitterly. It is common knowledge that they don't get along, though they are secretive as to the reason.

When Deltras and his followers from the Legion of Storm, Nezekan's dedicated Legion, appeared from the Abyss, Zikel caught them and attempted to make them renounce their allegiance. This was the provocation for the Abyss War.

Nezekan finally found his long lost son amongst the Reian people. When Kahrun went missing from Kamar, Nezekan panicked. He went himself to search for Kahrun under the fake identity Thersu. He founds his son in the Infinity Shard beaten by Beritra's minions, but saved by the player, however Triniel appears and they clash. The two Empyrean Lords discover one another again and try to help their son. They succeed in teleporting him out from the danger, then retreat.

Note Edit

Some believe that Lord Nezekan and Lady Triniel were once in love. It is said that Nezekan charged Brigade General Virkel of the Red Sky Legion to Triniel's service to protect her.

Another rumor says Triniel gave birth to a child. The rumor was true, their son is KahrunThey hid him in the Eracus Temple from Aion's Eyes. On a terrible day everything changed and the little Kahrun disappeared.

According to his comment in the Infinity Shard, they are equally strong with Triniel in divine power.


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