Nochsana Training Camp

Nochsana Training Camp (commonly referred to as NTC) is a level 25+ instance. It is the first group instance most players will encounter, and can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes. It can be done 5 times a day.

In this Balaur training facility, the players are to fight their way through numbers of Balaur recruits and their instructors before ultimately downing the fortress' protector. The instance is designed to familiarize players with the concept of siege warfare, which is a crucial aspect of the Abyss.

Entrance Quests Edit

NTC access points

Entrance points to Nochsana Training Camp (Click for larger view)

Players of both races can access this instance from their faction's starting area in the Abyss. It can also be accessed on the Fast-Track Server for double experience gain by talking to <Rogan> the Gray Wind Space Teleporter in Eltnen or Vallack the Red Hasia Instructor in Morheim fortress. You must complete one of the following quests to be able to enter:

Quests Edit


Walkthrough Edit

The instance consists of three areas. The first is the starting area once you enter the Nochsana Training Camp (area). There are a mixture of normal and elite NPCs here. Be alert for a 5 NPC patrol which, fortunately, has only one elite NPC in the group. A quest NPC, the <Nochsana Protector>, can be found here on the artifact. This part of the instance goes relatively quickly and is the least troublesome.

The second is the Nochsana Fortress Gate area right outside of the main fortress. The quest NPCs, <Nochsana Guard> and <Aetheric Field Guard> are in this area. After killing those NPCs, you must break down the <Nochsana Fortress Gate> to enter the next area.

Entering the Nochsana Training Fortress starts the third and most NPC-filled area. Be careful when pulling since they are so close together. Wind your way up and around to clear the fortress. The <Nochsana Teleporter> is on the top level. It is a good idea to clear the NPCs from the Fortress before tackling the last boss.

<Nochsana General>, the final boss, is easy enough. The two NPCs in front of him pull separately, so no worries there. If there are any other remaining mobs in the final fortress area they will pull with the boss, however. The General's moves are simple and consist of a simple debuff that can be easily dispelled as well as an area of affect knockdown. Be careful, though, as he does tend to hit pretty hard.

NTC Areas Edit

Unique Drops Edit

<Nochsana General>Blue Sword type 1 <Nochsana Sword>
Blue Greatsword type 1 <Nochsana Greatsword>
Blue Polearm type 1 <Nochsana Spear>
Blue Dagger type 1 <Nochsana Dagger>
Blue Bow type 1 <Nochsana Bow>
Blue Tome type 1 <Nochsana Tome>
Blue Orb type 1 <Nochsana Jewel>
Blue Staff type 1 <Nochsana Staff>
Blue Mace type 1 <Nochsana Warhammer>
Blue Shield type 1 <Nochsana Shield>

Video Edit

Aion - Nochsana Training Camp - Asmodian05:11

Aion - Nochsana Training Camp - Asmodian

Guide to Nochsana Training Camp

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