Nola's Request
Race Elyos
Type Standard quest
Number 1143
Given by <Nola>
in Northern Tolbas Forest
Level 12 (11)
Followed by Tango quest icon <Belbua's Treasure> [12]
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 1143]
Nola's Field.

Nola the Scarecrow wants you to get rid of the Lepharists who have taken over his master's farm.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit


Nola the Scarecrow tells you that the Lepharists have taken away his master, and he asks that you remove them from the farm. Do this by killing a certain number of Peons.


Initial DialogueEdit

"Nola remembers. Green crops. Nola watch crops.
Master is taken. Withering begins. Green to brown."
1 "What happened here?"
"Strangers. With mouths of hate, handfuls of fire.
Whispering names--strange names. <Lephaaaar>.
Steal grain. Burn wood."
1 "Those savages!"
"Help. Help us.
Slay. Slay the Peons. You do this. Nola will tell you of treasure."

Accept Edit

"Slay thieves. Make them fear. They leave. Master returns."
X "I'll do that."

Decline Edit

"Cruel, cruel.
Cruel like the withering. Cruel like the evil flames."
X "I'm just too busy....""

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Only sticks and straw. Nola can do nothing.
Stranger! You slay Peons? They took Master. Bring them to the earth!"
1 "It is done."
"Yes. It is good. Slain like pests.
Nola feels warm. Like morning.
Nola shall thank. Treasure."

Summary Edit

Nola the Scarecrow told you that the Lepharists had taken away his master, and he asked you to drive them from the farm.

He was very grateful to you for defeating the Lepharists.

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