Ore-Eating Wriggots
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest
Number 2541
Given by Guanyerk
in Kidorun's Campsite
Level 32 (31)
Followed by Tango quest icon It's the Wriggots Ore Me! [?]
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2541]
Guanyerk dropped pieces of Malek ore and White Wriggots ate them. Get rid of the Wriggots and find Malek ore in their stomachs. Ick.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Recover the pieces of ore that the White Wriggots swallowed, and take them to Guanyerk.
Malek Ore (0/9)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Kill White Wriggots and get the Malek ore they drop, until you collect 9. Then return to Guanyerk for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Oh, Guanyerk is in trouble! Guanyerk fell over a rock and dropped all the Malek ore that was going to sell in the city.
Picked up a few right away, but Wriggots ate the rest, nyerk!
Huarinrinerk told me and told me to be careful. Oh no...she will be very mad! Nyerk!"
1 "Is that bad?"
"Yes, yes! Huarinrinerk's scolding is more fearful that Wriggot bites. Guanyerk will die from it! Die!
But there is hope, nyerk! Wriggots eat fast, but digestion is slow. Still, my ore is in their stomachs.
If Daeva could slay the White Wriggots around here, you would find the pieces of Malek Ore that I lost, nyerk, nyerk.
Please help me, Daeva. I'm begging."

Accept Edit

"Guanyerk lost nine pieces of Malek ore. Please, hurry and get them back before Huarinrinerk finds out, nyerk!
Daeva should see White Wriggots around here and down the valley.
Easy to find them--they shine!"
X "Don't worry, Guanyerk."

Decline Edit

"Daeva so cold, nyerk!
Guanyerk is terrible, terrible trouble, and Daeva does nothing!
If Huarinrinerk scolds me, Guanyerk will die!
X "I'm sure you're exaggerating."

Reward Dialogue Edit

You came back, Daeva!
Did you find all the pieces of Malek Ore?
Hyarinrinerk keeps looking over here at me. My legs tremble. Any time she may ask to see the ore, nyerk!"
1 "The Malek ore?"
"Right! Yes, that! Oh you got it all! These are the pieces of Malek ore I lost! Gyanerk never expected you to find everything that was lost. It's good...except the smell...
Daeva saved me...nyerk
Here is a reward. It is because of brave Daeva that Guanyerk gets to keep living. Akakakakak!"

Summary Edit

Guanyerk dropped the pieces of Malek ore he was to sell in the city, and Wriggots ate some of them.

Guanyerk was worried that his superior would find out about the lost inventory, so he asked you to get the ore back by killing the Wriggots. You got rid of White Wriggots for Guanyerk and got the Malek ore back.

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