Patch Notes

Client Update Edit

  • All chat channels now have a level 10 restriction, both to join and participate
  • Whispering now has a level 10 restriction
Players can receive whispers but cannot respond below level 10
  • Players cannot send in game mail until level 10
Players under 10 can still receive in game mail
  • Players cannot search for 'who' in game until level 10
  • Players are now limited at the amount of in game mail you can send per hour
If players exceed this limit, they will not be able to send mail. There is currently no message saying players have exceeded your limit
  • Legion Abyss ranks have been fixed and will now display properly English UpdateEdit


  • Fixed alignment issue with Sanctum map.


  • Fixed truncated text for chat channel listings.
  • Changed chat channel names to be consistent.
  • Changed "Sold Items" button in broker to "Collect Money".
  • Support messages at account login are now correct for NA/EU regions.



  • Items related to Halloween giveaways have been edited for grammar.
  • Fixed quest items that had titles cut off when viewed by players.





  • NPC Captured Engineer greeting/goodbye now appropriate to text dialog.
  • NPC <Metea> greeting/goodbye volume has been fixed.
  • NPC <Jhaelas> now has consistent greeting/goodbye.
  • NPC <Tigares> now has appropriate greetings and goodbyes.

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