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Payurkus is a Salvationist in front of the Lyceum of Sanctum. He solicits funds for the Daeva-Human Equality Movement, but hasn't raised much so far.

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Dialogue Edit

"Good Daeva, stop! Hear me. Many humans live harsh, difficult lives in Sanctum's magnificent shadow. What good is ascension, if they're left behind?
How many times do those in this glorious city spare a thought for the Humans toiling below? You, the exalted, should repay the gifts of destiny by serving the meek!
Serve with skills or Kinah, as you wish. What matters is giving of what you have. All Elyos live in the sphere of life. If we do not aid one another, the sphere shatters... and we fall."
X "Aion bless us all."

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