Pernon is the housing district for Asmodian players and is located south of Pandaemonium. The Shedim Lords offer houses for Asmodian Daevas here. Characters of level 21 and above are eligible for a free studio. Additional and better facilities can be purchased with kinah via a weekly housing auction, but is usually very expensive.

Pernon is devided into three districts:

  • Sierra State: The forest / small cozy village area. Spans across half the map. Has the most & cheapest houses.
  • Halcya State: The beach / resort area. Spans the bottom left quarter of the map. Has less & more expensive houses.
  • Aurora State: The luxurious / elite area. Spans the top left quarter of the map. Has the fewest & most expensive houses.

Weather ChangesEdit

The scenery in Pernon changes according to the current season, unlike the rest of Asmodae. Pernon is also one of the very few if not the only area in Asmodae that is bathed in the same sunlight that usually illuminates Elysea.

There are also four Seasonal Agrints which spawn at random times, one for each season.

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