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Phogus, the Dock Manager, gives you an overview of the Outer Dock and the ship that travels there.

Locations Edit

Quests Edit

Involved in quests

Dialogue Edit

"Catching the Port boat? You're in the right place.
This is the dock, and I'm the dock manager. Nice to meet you!"
1 "A boat? To the port?"
"Your first visit, then? Right. If you wait a little, the boat to Outer Dock will pull along here. Little slow, but you get some of Sanctum's best views from her guardrails!
The boat's the only way to the Outer Dock, so if you have business there, best wait here for your ride.
Oh, one more thing. When you go aboard, take care by the edge. You can see how high up we are. There's nothing between us and the ground but wispy clouds, and they won't break even a Daeva's fall!"
X "Thanks!"

Quotes Edit

"The ship bound for the Outer Airship Dock will arrive soon!"
"For your safety, please board the ship after it has completely stopped moving."
"Please wait here for the ship if you want to go to the Outer Airship Dock!"

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