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Player vs. Player (commonly abbreviated PvP) denotes combat between players of any kind such as:

  • Dueling - One versus one combat between players of the same faction.
  • Rifting - Rifts open between Elyos and Asmodian territories. There are two maps per level range, one is pure PvE and the other has these rifts.
  • Taking control of the Abyss
  • Fortresses - Abyss Fortresses are PvP battlegrounds where factions fight for the control of these castles for monetary and tactical benefits.
  • Artifacts - These powerful artifacts grant factions powers that can change the outcome of a PvP battle.
  • Dredgions

In Aion, PvP and PvE (Player vs. Environment) are combined into a PvPvE scenario, where a player may fight both the opposing player faction and the AI controlled faction.

The AbyssEdit

Main article: Abyss

The Abyss is a PvPvE area of the game where battle can be done anywhere anytime. Players are allowed to fly anywhere in the Abyss and players can attack other players anywhere on the map.

The majority of the PvP combat in Aion takes place in the Abyss, the middle zone separating the two halves of the shattered world. In this zone, lone players and groups of players battle for control of fortress and map locations, where their successes bring rewards in the form of money and loot.

An additional concept taking place in the PvP zone are the addition of the Balaur, the AI controlled faction of the game world. The server controlled monsters raise the situation to a PvPvE scenario. This means that once a group of players holds control of a location, both the opposing faction and computer controlled Balaur will try to rip it from their hands.

The Balaur are dispersed throughout the Abyss through a fleet of flying ships. The ships arrive at locations throughout the Abyss to deliver reinforcements and try to swing the balance in favor of the Baluar.

As one progresses through the game, they will have the option to enter the opposing faction's side of the world which will also create PvP situations on the continents surrounding The Abyss.

Abyss PointsEdit

Main article: Abyss Point

Abyss Points are a reward from PvP, and a currency used to buy items.

Abyss RankingsEdit

Main article: Abyss Ranking

Abyss Rankings can help you equip Abyss weapons, gain new abilities, and help increase the strength of your Legion.


Main article: Legion

Legions are player-formed groups that allow cooperation in raids and PvP battles.


Main article: Alliance

Alliances allow for cooperation between multiple Groups

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