Power Shards are consumable items that increase your overall damage output.

Usage Edit

You have 2 slots available to equip Power Shards. Equipping both slots results in bonus damage, but will consume 2 shards with every attack. If you are Dual Wielding, shard damage will be applied to both weapons, 1 shard per weapon per attack.

Casters (Mages) can equip shards in both slots, but only the off-hand slot will be used. This adds damage to your Spellbook or Orb attack. Other skills and actions will not consume shards, nor gain a damage bonus.

Shard Types Edit

IconTypeLevelDamageCost per 50Kinah per 1
Minor Power Shard Minor Power Shard 1 10 200 Kinah icon 20
Lesser Power Shard Lesser Power Shard 10 15 800 Kinah icon 53.3
Power Shard Power Shard 20 20 2,600 Kinah icon 130
Greater Power Shard Greater Power Shard 30 25 5,050 Kinah icon 202
Fine Power Shard Fine Power Shard 40 30 8,600 Kinah icon 286.7
Premium Power Shard Premium Power Shard 50 35 13,050 Kinah icon 372.85

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