Promise of Wind
Promise of Wind I
Usable by
Class: PriestChanter
Gives XX% chance of inflicting YY additional damage during attacks for 30 min
Type: Buff
Target: Self
Range: 0m
Casting Time: 0s
Cooldown Time: 10s
Ranks: 5
Acquisition: Skill Book

Promise of Wind is a personal buff that gives the caster a chance to inflict additional damage during attacks. Used mainly by chanters.


Promise of Wind I <Promise of Wind I> 9 White Skillbook <Promise of Wind I>
Promise of Wind II <Promise of Wind II> 19 22px Promise of Wind II (skillbook)
Promise of Wind III <Promise of Wind III> 31 22px Promise of Wind III (skillbook)
Promise of Wind IV <Promise of Wind IV> 43 22px Promise of Wind IV (skillbook)
Promise of Wind V <Promise of Wind V> 55 22px Promise of Wind V (skillbook)

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