Pumpkin Season
Race Elyos
Type Standard quest
Number 1144
Given by <Nola>
in Tolbas Village
Level 12 (11)
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 1144]
Nola's Field is here.

Nola the scarecrow wants you to harvest pumpkins from Belbua's farm. Take some pumpkins to Eradis before they rot.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit


Nola the scarecrow wants you to harvest 7 Vine Pumpkins from Belbua's Farm. You can find the pumpkins all around the scarecrow, but you must kill Peons to gather them. Take the pumpkins to Eradis before they rot.


Initial DialogueEdit

"Pumpkins. Round and golden like sun.
Everything else withers. Everything else dies.
Pumpkins. Full of goodness. They remain."
1 "Pumpkins...."
"Now pumpkins rot. Left on vine. Goodness wasted.
Master would harvest. Sell to Eradis.
Get money. Get new coat for Nola. But Master gone."
1 "Poor scarecrow..."
"Pumpkins rotting. Master would cry.
Nola does not need. Only wants someone to harvest."

Accept Edit

"Master will come. Nola will tell Master of you.
Master will be happy. Give you present. And new coat for Nola. Faithful, watching Nola.
Harvest pumpkins. Bring to Eradis."
X "I'll get them."

Decline Edit

"Poor pumpkins. Goodness gone to waste.
Poor Master. Nola thinks maybe gone forever.
Nola wait anyway. Forever."
X "Stand tall, Nola."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"This time of year, everyone expects spiced pumpkin stew. Well, no pumpkins today. Probably no pumpkins tomorrow. It'll be parsnips instead, I'm afraid.
[Player Name]? You heard something about Belbua?
He's been missing for days. Nobody knows where he's gone."
1 "I harvested his pumpkins."

Failed item check Edit

"Yes? You want to buy something?
My menu's not what it was, since half our supply's dried up, but I'm sure I can fix you something to eat...."
X "No thanks."

Successful item check Edit

"Hey! These are the pumpkins from Belbua's farm! How dare you steal another man's crops and try to sell them!
Wait, no. You don't look like a pumpkin thief. You're doing a favor for someone, aren't you? Someone special?
Here. This should be a fair payment for your kindness."

Summary Edit

Scarecrow Nola wanted you to harvest the pumpkins from his master's farm.

You harvested them and sold them to Eradis so they wouldn't rot.

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