[Craft] Roasting Inina
Race Elyos
Type Standard quest
Number Not specified
Given by Hestia
in Artisans Hall
Level 10
Sharable Not specified
Abandon Not specified
Hestia map
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Quest Information Edit

Requirements Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

  • Upon accepting the quest:
"You think so? You're hardly instilling me with an overwhelming sense of confidence, [Player Class].
We'll start with a basic method of cooking: roasting. But first, you'll need to gather a type of shellfish, Ininas. This is a relatively simple task, but roasting Inina can still go wrong. Undercook them and you'll poison all who eat them. Overcook them and they'll become bland and lose their nutritional value.
Do well here and you'll have made a solid start to your cooking career.

Reward Dialogue Edit

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