Sanctum is the capital city of Elysea, a metropolis which hovers at the center of the nation.

While the Elyos make up the majority of Sanctum's population, it is also home to a number of other folk employed by the Elysean government and military; such as the Shugo, who occupy a large part of the financial districts. Sanctum is looked upon with envy and admiration by the humans and other non Daevas who cannot claim to be a part of its thriving population.

History Edit

In the beginning, Sanctum was a city called Siela, named after Lady Siel, from which the benevolent Lady Ariel ruled. It was only as the war against the Balaur and the Asmodians deepened that it developed into the city that it is today, a social and vibrant hub and not just a military outpost.

After the great catastrophe that split the world apart, the lands of Elysea were left in ruins. Frequent attacks from the bestial races meant that the rebuilding process was under constant threat. This forced the five Seraphim, including their leader, Ariel herself, to gather their magic and use it to lift Sanctum into the air and out of enemy reach.

As commerce within the city grew active, Sanctum became the core for economic, military and administrative activities – but there was a problem. With the city floating in the air, and the population bursting at the seams, transportation in and out of Sanctum became overcrowded and difficult. This lead to the formation of suburbs forming on the ground beneath the floating metropolis. These days Sanctum is a prosperous complex - equally important as a social center for the Elyos now, as it was to them in its earliest form as a military base.

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