Sapien is a generic term for any of the various intelligent humanoid races found across the planet. This category however is only conformed by species who do not live, or once had, in advanced societies. As such, Elyos, Asmodians, Balaur, Reians, Danuar and Tejhi are excluded. It is also used when specifically talking about the "bad" Sapiens; those that willingly or unwillingly serve the Balaur, generally as a derogatory term.

In order to be considered a Sapien, the race must have a certain level of social order (such as tribal organisations with a sort of chieftain leading them) and/or the ability to communicate between each other. Races who do not reach these standards are considered wildlife. Meanwhile, any race with greater interaction with the main races and the war, are not considered part of this category.

Shugos may technically be Sapiens, however they have adapted to the societies they associated with and have became an integral pillar on war efforts. As a result, they consider this term offensive when referring to them.

Known Edit

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