Sarpan Map

Map of Sarpan

Sarpan was the homeland of the Reians. It was the first of the areas introduced in 3.0 and catered to players of between level 55 and 58.

In 4.8, Sarpan was destroyed and sank into the abyssal ocean. The map is thus no longer accessible to players.


Origin Edit

When escaping the Balaur, the Reians discovered a barren land which then became known as Sarpan. Most of it had been used as a Drana farm by Tiamat, drained of all its fertility.

Having found this neglected wasteland, they set up their small village in it thinking they would go unnoticed. To their surprise, the Dragon Lord found out about their establishment. Not wishing to share her land, she expelled the ancient Reians from her desserts.

Deprived of a home and completely helpless from the Balaur and the hundreds of other menaces present in Sarpan, the following times were dire. This soon changed when Kahrun, a mysterious figure unknown by every villager, emerge. Presenting a power great enough to defeat a whole legion of Balaur, he led the Reians to fight the guards sent by Tiamat, recovering the land they have claimed as theirs.

The village was rebuilt, and across the years protected its inhabitants from the waves of invaders. Kahrun proved to be the true leader of the Reian tribe, and under his command, the Reians enjoyed an age of prosperity. The capital was then built, named as Kamar, and they expended across Sarpan. Being the political, trading and cultural centre of the Reian tribe, the outer villages travelled oftenly to report their situation.

In its prime, Sarpan was rich both in forest and rugged landscape, where various of the local Sapiens such as the Uruguru and Humnaz had established footholds. Players had the option of seeking out the Sandstorm Order and earn Kahrun Symbols by taking out the ring leaders of such species.

Ascension (3.0) Edit

After the failed attack against Tiamat, the Elysian battleship Griffoen and the Asmodian battleship Habrok were brought to Sarpan but fought one another until the Reian leader, Kahrun, stopped them. He demanded that the Elyos and Asmodians never fight as long as they are in Reian land.

This enforced peace was an effect known as Kahrun's Will, which even reached parts of Tiamaranta. This Will would later be discovered to be overridden by another's strong leaders' presence. Daevas soon took the chance to battle eachother, hiding from the eyes of the Reians.

While trying to find a way to neutralise the power of Siel's Relics, currently under the power of Tiamat, the united force of Daevas and Reians find about a protector guarding a power strong enough to counter the relics. After being lost for centuries, its their duty to find Protector Oriata. After Israphel's intervention, the player finds Oriata's spirits, who, after some tasks, allows him/her to wield her power. Once the blessing is received, the Daeva-Reian force may not shift their attention to Tiamaranta's Eye.

Dark Betrayal (4.0) Edit

After Tiamat's death, Kahrun, thinking he was betrayed by Marchutan/Kaisinel and the Asmodians/Elyos factions on repeated occasions, left his throne in Kamar in search of a power that would allow him to protect the Reian people by himself. His investigation on Ide and the last Hyperion eventually led to his disappearance.

Shortly after, Kahrun's Will was lifted from Sarpan, causing disputes between Elyos and Asmodians. Beritra took this chance, and deployed one of his dredgions to destroy the city of Kamar. The disputes between the Atreians were enough to hide the approaching doom. The Reian capital soon turned into the lawless lands of Kamar Battlefield.

Upheaval (4.8) Edit

With their leader missing and their capital destroyed, the spirit of the Reian people broke. After the dust settled in their capital, their efforts were invested on rebuilding it. However, with Beritra deploying his warmachines across Balaurea, chaos soon broke out.

Beritra's invasion was focused on attacking the Sealing Stones across the region. With no major defences, the weapons ravaged the land with ease and destroyed them. As a result, the land of Sapran destabilised, and fragmented, sank into the ocean. As Reians mourned for their loss, they were forced to re-establish in the unknown lands of Cygnea and Enshar.

Instances Edit

 Solo Instances Edit

Group/Alliance InstancesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The map was composed of four levels. Ground level (main area for players), Debarim Petralith Studio (holding several Jotun in the Jotari Wastes), Kamar Dungeon/Mephitic Caverns (a cave system below Kamar, used for the region's campaigns) and the ships (stationed above Kamar, the Harbok and Griffoen).
  • Empress Muada's hollowing of the land could have contributed to the shattering of the region.
  • While originally an extensive Drana farm, Sarpan appears to be extremely abundant in Aether. This is proved by the presence of two flighting areas (Ellesra Cave and Debarim Pertalith Studio) and inventions by ancient Reians based on Aether crystals (Sharptooths).
  • Other than Tiamat, creatures strong enough to counter Kahrun's Will include the Heart Incarnates (Graviwing, Fissurefang, Petriscale and Wrathclaw), Debarim the Omnipotent, Grand Chieftain Zakufu, Golden Tatar and Ativas Crystalline.

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