Disambig iconThis article is about the Elyos verion of the quest. For the Asmodian version of the same quest, see Secret Library Access (Asmodian).
Secret Library Access
Race Elyos
Type Standard quest
Number Not specified
Given by Latri
in Library of the Sages
Level 21 (20)
Sharable Not specified
Abandon Not specified
Latri map
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Quest Information Edit

Requirements Edit

  • Completion of all Campaign quests in Verteron.

Objectives Edit

  • Obtain the letter of recommendation from Spatalos.
  • Speak with Latri.

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 13,000 XP

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Latri to obtain quest. Next meet Spatalos to update quest. Return to Latri to complete quest and receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"I'm not the judge of your worth, [Player Class]. To access the Library, you must procure a letter of recommendation from the Brigade General.
If you can bring me such a letter, then access to the Secret Library is yours."

Reward Dialogue Edit

This sections needs to be added.

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