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Servillia is a medicine merchant at Elyos Square in Sanctum. She is arrogant to Humans but kind to Daevas. The daughter of Daeva parents, she was treated like a princess as a child but failed to ascend.

Locations Edit

Dialogue Edit

"Affinity with magic? Potent aura?
Want more ways to tap that power?
On my shelves are many weapons for workers of magic."
Buy Buy
Sell Sell

Goods Offered Edit

Lesser Supplements (Eternal) <Lesser Supplements (Eternal)> 30 24,000 Kinah icon
Lesser Supplements (Fabled) <Lesser Supplements (Fabled)> 30 12,000 Kinah icon
Lesser Supplements (Heroic or Less) <Lesser Supplements (Heroic or Less)> 30 5,000 Kinah icon
Lesser Wind Serum <Lesser Wind Serum> 10 600 Kinah icon
Lesser Healing Potion <Lesser Healing Potion> 10 350 Kinah icon
Lesser Life Elixir <Lesser Life Elixir> 20 450 Kinah icon
Lesser Mana Elixir <Lesser Mana Elixir> 20 450 Kinah icon
Minor Life Elixir <Minor Life Elixir> 10 250 Kinah icon
Minor Mana Elixir <Minor Mana Elixir> 10 250 Kinah icon
Regular Life Elixir <Regular Life Elixir> 30 850 Kinah icon
Regular Mana Elixir <Regular Mana Elixir> 30 850 Kinah icon
*Note: Prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.

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