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Smite I
Usable by
Class: PriestCleric
Inflicts magical earth damage
Chain skill level 1
Type: Offensive
Target: Target
Range: 25m
Casting Time: 1.5s
Cooldown Time: 2s
Ranks: 6
Acquisition: Auto learn

Smite is an offensive skill mainly used by clerics.

Tiers Edit

Smite I <Smite I> 1 Auto learn
Smite II <Smite II> 10 White Skillbook <Smite II>
Smite III <Smite III> 22 White Skillbook <Smite III>
Smite IV <Smite IV> 34 White Skillbook <Smite IV>
Smite V <Smite V> 44 White Skillbook <Smite V>
Smite VI <Smite VI> 56 White Skillbook <Smite VI>
*Note: The effect of the skill will be different from these base values, depending on the character's level, equipped items, and other bonuses.

Chain Edit

SmiteThunderboltDivine SparkSmitechain

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