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Aion - songweaver

"Let me purify your soul"

Songweavers specifically use their MP for attacks, curses or healing spells. They have low HP, but their power in a group is not to be underestimated. Once they become Daevas, Muses become Songweavers, who, armed with string instruments, musically enchant their enemies and allies.

This class is governed by the Empyrean Lady Siel.

Class Summary Edit

  • Players start out as Muses, and become Songweavers upon Ascension.
  • Songweavers heal allies, and weaken or attack enemies with their songs of magical power. Their main weapon is a Harp.
  • They can weaken the power of multiple enemies to get the upper hand in combat.

Background Edit

For centuries after The Cataclysm, Muses fell silent from heartbreak over the loss of their patron, Lady Siel. That did not mean, however, that they ceased their studies. Realizing that combining music with the power of Aether could produce a dazzling effect, some Muses decided that the best tribute to Siel would be to use their power in service to their people. Inspiring their allies and weakening their enemies, they made such a contribution in battle that the Kaisinel Academy and the Marchutan Priory confirmed them as an official class.

Play Style Edit

The Songweaver is unique, as they posses many CC skills as well as de-buffs and decent support heals. Unlike Chanters, they do not have skills to boost the team, but what they lack in team strengthening, they make up for in damage as they are very good DPS. Songweavers also possess many Mana restoration skills in addition to their healing & CC skills. Songweavers, like mages, wear Cloth armor. Songweavers only weapon is their Harp

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