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Aion - songweaver

"Let me purify your soul"

Songweavers use musical abilities to supplement many roles in the game.

This class is governed by the Empyrean Lady Siel.

Class Summary Edit

  • Players start out as a muse.

Background Edit

For centuries after The Cataclysm, Muses fell silent from heartbreak over the loss of their patron, Lady Siel. That did not mean, however, that they ceased their studies. Realizing that combining music with the power of Aether could produce a dazzling effect, some Muses decided that the best tribute to Siel would be to use their power in service to their people. Inspiring their allies and weakening their enemies, they made such a contribution in battle that the Kaisinel Academy and the Marchutan Priory confirmed them as an official class.

Play Style Edit

The Songweaver is a versatile class, as they posses a number of CC skills, decent support heals and some powerful nukes. Unlike Chanters, they do not have skills to boost the attributes of a team, but what they lack in team strengthening, they make up for in damage as they have good DPS. In Aion, they can fill in the role of a magic DPS, or a secondary support/hybrid like the Chanters and Spiritmasters.

Songweavers rely rather heavily on skill chaining to do damage or to heal. Their DPS will only be able to reach its fullest potential when they successfully execute their chained skills. Do note that because they rely on skill chains, only the initial ability has a cast time; the subsequent chain abilities are all cast instantly in succession. This gives Songweavers a huge bursting potential in a short amount of time. In the late game, Songweavers can either be an effective all-rounded support, or be a nasty DPS machine with some CC potential, all depending on their Greater stigma choices. Other than chaining skills, they have a small number of separate high damaging skills as well, further augmenting their formidable DPS. Songweavers are also well known for their powerful MP-draining skills.

Songweavers are also unique supports in that they possess low cooldown mana restoration skills. This is another attractive feature as they significantly reduce the downtime of group members in instances, relieving them of some of their mana issues as well. They also have some powerful single-target heals, though not as strong as that of the Cleric or the Chanter. In this aspect also, they can also aid the Cleric with support healing or even debuffing status ailments on group members in times of an emergency, if required

In addition to DPS/support, they possess a debuffing ability, like the Spiritmaster. They also make good CC'ers. They have CC skills which works identically with the Sorcerer's own arsenal of CC skills.

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