Spirit Of Nature
Race Elyos
Type Standard quest
Number 1183
Given by <Elote>
in Miraju's Holy Ground
Level 18
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 1183]

The Spirit of Nature is required to restore the trees in the Aether-charged Miraju's Holy Ground. Collect the Spirits from their Elim guardians and bring them to Elote.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, talk to Mileno and then Alrunta. Return to Elote with the quest items.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"These woods...where you now stand...they are a mystery, even to us Elim. This is the Miraju's Holy Ground, and a natural...source of Aether.
Look, [Player Class]... look at the trees here. They have grown unusually...large. They are...strangely grown, even to my roots...:"
1 "I see."
"For that glad.
Many others...too many others...see only the immediate. They miss changes which...though subtle, shape our world all the same.
We must...protect this place...from such changes. We must...invoke secrets of the safeguard the balance...of things..."
1 "I will help, if I can."
"I will make you privy to...another of our secrets, a gift of Nature...herself. The time is ripe for...the Spirit of Nature to appear and cleanse this place.... Yet, to call on this spirit...I require the assistance...of other Elim...and sacrifices to be made on their part.
Will you help, young Daeva? Or...would I be wiser to disregard...<Lord Daminu'sDaminu> recommendation?"

Accept Edit

You must speak to my brethren, and request...from them the natural essences they protect.... First, find Mileno, who guards...the Spirit of Water. Once you have that...go to Alrunta, and receive the Spirit of Earth.
When you have must return to me...."
X "Very well, Elote. I won't be long."

Decline Edit

"It seems Daminu...misjudged you....
Very well, Daeva. As you watch...the natural balance falter, will regret your decision...this day...."
X "Take care."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

What can I do for you...little winged seed?"
1 "Elote asked me to fetch..."
"The Spirit of Water...
I have been waiting...for one such as you. One who can bear...our trust, and our treasures....
Here, Daeva: the lifeblood of thing, more precious than...the rarest jewels. Protect it as you do...your own life."
1 "Thank you."
"Great currents course...through your body. I sense have visited Mileno, and carry one of Atreia's most...valued gems.
Now I must play my part.
Show me the Spirit of Water.... I will imbue it with my own power, and...then it will be ready...."
1 "Here...."
"Here. The child of water and dust: earth. If...water is the lifeblood of Atreia... then this Spirit of its very flesh. Take this quickly to Elote, before...the Spirit is spoiled...."
1 "As fast as I can..."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Have you done as I asked, [Player Name]?
1 "I have."
"Then it is over.
Our lives...will each be cut short, but the forest's future is guaranteed.... If my life-sap is the rain the forests need to...grow green and strong, I will gladly make that sacrifice.... You, immortal, I understand how such choices...are never really ours to make....
You have done well, child.... Take my thanks and the gratitude of the forest with you."

Summary Edit

Miraju's Holy Ground, overflowing with Aether, was becoming harmful to the trees. As the trees became corrupt and threatened the balance of nature, Elote decided to restore the forest.

You brought Elote the Spirits that had been guarded by other Elim. He combined them with his own Spirit of Light to create the Spirit Of Nature, putting the forest back in balance.

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