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Stigma Stones are stones imbued with the souls of past Daevas. The power of these souls, when equipped, allows the player to use skills of those former Daevas. Some stones give the bearer a passives skill, such as the ability to equip a weapons, while other stones can allow the use of offensive or defensive abilities.

Stigmas come in three grades, each one offering different skills. The most basic ones being Normal Stigmas (superior/green), followed by Greater Stigmas (heroic/blue) and Major Stigmas (fabled/gold). Each can be socketed into its respective slot in the Stigma window, however higher grades cannot be socketed in lower tier slots, while lesser grades can be socketed in greater tier slots.

For instance, even though Normal Stigmas can be placed in all types of slots, Major Stigmas can only be socketed in the Major Stigma slot on top, while Greater Stigmas can be placed in their respective slots and the Major Stigma slot.

Unlocking Edit

In order to be able to use stigma stones, players must complete a campaign quest at level level 20.

The quest will reward a 22px Stigma Support Bundle, which can be opened to obtain one of the normal stigma stones available for the class.

From that point on, at certain levels, slots will open up automatically as the player levels up, and with every unlocked spot, the player will receive a quest rewarding bundles containing a stigma of the respective grade.

At level 30 and 40, the player will unlock the two remaining normal slots and receive 22px Stigma Support Bundles. At level 45 and 50, the two greater stigma slots will be unlocked, and the player will receive the Red sack Greater Stigma Support Bundles. Lastly, at level 55 the player will unlock the major stigma slot and receive the Yellow sack Major Stigma Support Bundle.

Mechanics Edit

Equipping Edit

Equipping the stigma stone requires the player to be of the appropriate class and level. Being in possession of the stone, the player must visit a Stigma Master, allowing them to pay a small amount of Kinah to equip it. If the player wishes to remove the stigma stone, they may do it for free.

Two types Edit

Stigmas come in two formats; Inert and Chargeable. They can be identified by the tag on the stigma's description name. The former will have "(Inert)" on its name, while the latter will not show anything.

Inert stigmas are given out by the quests as the player levels up, from the bundles rewarded by it. They are also distributed by Stigma Tuners in the capital; Capitol Building in Pandemonium for Asmodians and Protector's Hall in Sanctum for Elyos. Meanwhile, Chargeable stigmas are only obtainable from monsters in open-world, bosses in instances and special events. This type being less accessible than the other, it comes with the following benefits.

Linked Skill Edit

Equipping six Chargeable stigmas unlocks a Linked Skill. These advanced stigma skills are desired by most classes as to how powerful and game-changing they are. Each class has access to three unique Linked Skills, and which one is obtained is determined by the combination of greater stigmas socketed.

Much like the now removed Stigma Trees, Linked Skills will be of the same style as their required stigmas. For example, in order to obtain a support-like Linked Skill (such as a healing skill, a group buff, a protective shield), the player can expect the required stigmas to be of the same fashion, while offensive skills will ask for damage/debuff inducing skills.

As each class has three Linked Skills assigned, two of them require the socketing of one specific Major Stigma and a combination of Greater Stigmas (three options, must pick two of them). However, the third Linked Skill is obtained if the stigma set up is neither of the other both.

Class Linked Skill Requirements
Major Stigma Greater Stigmas
Templar Invigorating Strike <Invigorating Strike> Empyrean Providence I <Empyrean Providence I>
Shield of Vengeance <Shield of Vengeance> Shieldburst I <Shieldburst I>
Eternal Denial <Eternal Denial> Any other
Gladiator Unraveling Assault <Unraveling Assault> Whirling Strike I <Whirling Strike I>
Wind Lance <Wind Lance> Draining Sword I <Draining Sword I>
Battle Banner <Battle Banner> Any other
Assassin Shimmerbomb <Shimmerbomb> Scoundrel's Bond
Fandrop Stab <Fangdrop Stab> Quickening Doom I <Quickening Doom I>
Explosive Rebranding Any other
Ranger Ripthread Shot Agonizing Arrow I <Agonizing Arrow I>
Night Haze Lightning Arrow I <Lightning Arrow I>
Staggering Trap Any other
Sorcerer Slumberswept Wind Wintry Armor I <Wintry Armor I>
Aetherblaze Glacial Shard I <Glacial Shard I>
Repulsion Field Any other
Spiritmaster Spirit's Empowerment Infernal Blight I <Infernal Blight I>
Command: Absorb Wounds Armor Spirit I <Armor Spirit I>
Blood Funnel Any other
Cleric Restoration Relief Benevolence I <Benevolence I>
Judge's Edict Call Lightning I <Call Lightning I>
Summon Vexing Energy Any other
Chanter Word of Instigation Elemental Screen I <Elemental Screen I>
Resonant Strike Numbing Blow I <Numbing Blow I>
Debilitating Incantation Any other
Gunslinger Sequential Fire Shellshock
Persuit Stance Dazzling Fire
Pulverizer Cannon Any other
Aethertech Explosive Exhaust Meteor Strike (AT)
Powerspike Trigger Kinetic Bulwark
Nerve Pulse Any other
Songweaver Blazing Requiem Treble Cleave
Purging Paean Chorus of Blessing
Delusional Dirge Any other

Charging Edit

Charging Stigmas refers to boosting the skills te stone gives to the player. Benefits include a reduction on cooldown, reduced MP usage cost and improved effects (such as more damage or stronger healing). The enhancement is determined by the skill. Stigmas which have been charged will have a number next to their name (much like an enchantment level), and will show a green arrow in their description, indicating the values which have changed.

Charging is done by visiting a Stigma Master and selecting the "Charge Stigma" option when talking to them. The player requires two Chargeable Stigmas of the same skill. Once the player attempts to charge the primary stone, it is luck that decides the success or failure. Upon success, the skill will be boosted, and can be charged as much as desired (with chances being smaller each time). However, if it fails, both stigmas are destroyed. While the primary/target stigma can be of any charge level, the secondary stone must not be charged.

Linked Skills can also be charged. Their level however is determined by the charge level of the stigmas socketed. The skill will take the lowest level available from all stigmas socketed. For instance, even if five stigmas are of charge level +2 and only one is +1, the Linked Skill will only be charged to level +1. As such, all stigmas need to be charged to the desired level for the Linked Skill to acquire it.

Nonetheless, this feature is generally avoided by most people as the benefits for most skills are underwhelming considering the high price players need to pay for an attempt and the rarity of certain stigmas.

Stigma Masters Edit

Stigma Masters must assist in the equipping and removal of stigma stones. Equipping stones requires Kinah, while removal is free. The amount needed for Greater Stigmas is three times the price of Normal Stigmas, while Major Stigmas cost five times the price of Normal ones.

Asmodian Elyos
RegionNPC Region NPC
Pandaemonium<Aud> Sanctum<Miriya>
Morheim Ice Fortress<Herner> Eltnen Fortress<Persephone>
Primum FortressNeurath Teminon LandingNobus
Beluslan FortressFargerberg New Heiron GatePelias
Gelkmaros Fortress<Garath> Inggison Illusion FortressReemul
Dragonrest TempleMalankarin Aequis HeadquartersTaroa
Pinnacle Cataract OutpostBoreant Lumewillow Glade Scout BaseGrintea
Harbinger's LandingValdemar Redemption LandingReplace me!
Azphel's SanctuaryNagar Ariel's SanctuaryEphyre

Discontinued featuresEdit

Equip stigma stones

Confirmation dialogs shown when equipping and removing stigma stones.

Stigma Skills by class Edit

Below are links to lists of stigma stones by class. Currently, the links in the skill column list all stigma skills up to level 60. The item links, however, are currently lacking as the item pages for most stigmas do not exits.

ClassStigma StonesStigma skills
Templar List:Templar Stigma Stones List:Templar Stigma skills
Gladiator List:Gladiator Stigma Stones List:Gladiator Stigma skills
Assassin List:Assassin Stigma Stones List:Assassin Stigma skills
Ranger List:Ranger Stigma Stones List:Ranger Stigma skills
Sorcerer List:Sorcerer Stigma Stones List:Sorcerer Stigma skills
Spiritmaster List:Spiritmaster Stigma Stones List:Spiritmaster Stigma skills
Chanter List:Chanter Stigma Stones List:Chanter Stigma skills
Cleric List:Cleric Stigma Stones List:Cleric Stigma skills

Trivia Edit

  • Shulacks were the first ones to use stigma skills.
  • In Atreia, fake/corrupted stigmas can be found. Holding this causes Daevas to suffer physical and mental pain. As such, these are mostly used by Lepharist Revolutionaries as traps against Elyos and Asmodians.
  • Since stigmas hold the emotions of the former Daeva, in certain cases they are strong enough to affect the holder's mind, causing nightmares.

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