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Stigma Stones are stones imbued with the souls of past Daevas. The power of these souls, when equipped, allows the player to use skills of those former Daevas.

Some stones give the bearer a passives skill, such as the ability to equip a weapons, while other stones can allow the use of offensive or defensive abilities.

How To Unlock Edit

In order to be able to use stigma stones, players must complete a campaign quest at level level 20.

The quest also awards players with their first Stigma.

TemplarStigma <Divine Fury I>
GladiatorStigma <Improved Stamina I>
AssassinStigma <Sigil Strike I>
RangerStigma <Arrow Deluge I>
SorcererStigma <Lumiel's Wisdom I>
SpiritmasterStigma <Absorb Vitality I>
ChanterStigma <Rage Spell I>
ClericStigma <Grace of Empyrean Lord I>

Stigma Tuners Edit

Stigma Tuners allow players to purchase normal stigmas. Players can also obtain normal stigmas as random loot from NPCs. Talk to <Vergelmir> in Pandaemonium or Clymene in Sanctum to see a list of stones they provide.

Stigma Masters Edit

Equip stigma stones

Confirmation dialogs shown when equipping and removing stigma stones.

Stigma Masters must assist in the equipping and removal of stigma stones. Equipping stones requires <Stigma Shards>. The number needed for normal stigmas is 3 times the stigma level. Greater stigmas require 5 times the level. Removal of stigmas does not require shards.

Morheim Ice Fortress<Herner>
Beluslan FortressFargerberg
Gelkmaros Fortress<Garath>
Eltnen Fortress<Persephone>
New Heiron GatePelias
Inggison Illusion FortressReemul

Equipping Stigma Stones Edit

When talking with a Stigma Master, the player has access to their Stigma tab in their Profile. Drag and drop a stone into one of the available slots to equip it. A confirmation screen will ask if you want to proceed to slot the stigma as well as telling you how many Stigma Shards it requires to slot the stone. All stigmas require Stigma Shards to slot and the number required is 3x the level of the stigma stone (For Greater Stigmas, this number is 5x the level). In the case of stigmas that have multiple levels for several classes, the lower level is used when calculating the number of stigma shards required to slot. A good example is Unwavering Devotion I <Unwavering Devotion I>, a skill for both Templars (at level 34) and Gladiators (at level 37). The number of shards needed is 102 (34 x 3) rather than 111 (37 x 3).

Stigma Slots Edit

Stigma Panel

The Stigma Slot Panel in the player's Profile. The 6 slots on the left are the normal stigma slots. The 6 on the right are Greater Stigma Slots.

Players have access to 6 normal stigma slots at level 55. Stigma slots open up progressively as a player levels. Normal stigma slots are available automatically, but greater stigma slots can only be opened by completing quests.

Stigma Slots
LevelNormal Slots

*Note: For information on Greater Stigma Slots and how to unlock them, see Greater Stigma Stones.

Greater Stigmas StonesEdit

Greater Stigmas Stones are powerful stigmas that require prerequisite stigmas to equip. Players can unlock a total of 6 Greater Stigma Slots. Greater Stigma Stones can only be slotted into Greater Stigma Slots. They can be purchased with Abyss Points from Stigma Merchants.

Main article: Greater Stigma Stone

Stone Stones by class Edit

Below are links to lists of stigma stones by class. Currently, the links in the skill column list all stigma skills up to level 60. The item links, however, are currently lacking as the item pages for most stigmas do not exits.

ClassStigma StonesStigma skills
Templar List:Templar Stigma Stones List:Templar Stigma skills
Gladiator List:Gladiator Stigma Stones List:Gladiator Stigma skills
Assassin List:Assassin Stigma Stones List:Assassin Stigma skills
Ranger List:Ranger Stigma Stones List:Ranger Stigma skills
Sorcerer List:Sorcerer Stigma Stones List:Sorcerer Stigma skills
Spiritmaster List:Spiritmaster Stigma Stones List:Spiritmaster Stigma skills
Chanter List:Chanter Stigma Stones List:Chanter Stigma skills
Cleric List:Cleric Stigma Stones List:Cleric Stigma skills

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