Only one can be carried
Soul Binding Available
Available for Level {{{level}}} or higher
Can be used by Level {{{levelb}}} or below
{{{race}}} Only
{{{craft}}} skill (?p)
Adds a sweet taste to food.

Sugar adds a sweet taste to food and is an ingredient used in cooking.

Acquisition Edit


Uses Edit

22px Cook: Seedless Rubus [?p]
22px Craft: Seedless Otombliss [?p]
22px Cook: Mela Candy [?p]
22px Craft: Raydam Candy [?p]
22px Cook: Caprauna Juice [?p]
22px Craft: Ringa Juice [?p]
22px Cook: Caprauna Juice [?p]
AsmodianAsmodian Logo small <Cook: Ringa Juice> 9090p
22px Cook: Sparkie Candy [?p]
22px Cook: Pluma Candy [?p]
22px Cook: Salad Dressing [?p]
22px Craft: Salad Dressing [?p]
22px Cook: Wiki Juice [?p]
22px Craft: Vinna Juice [?p]
22px Cook: Omblic Juice [?p]
22px Cook: Bacora Caviar [?p]
22px Craft: Dorado Caviar [?p]
22px Cook: Omblic Sauce [?p]
22px Cook: Kirka Juice [?p]
22px Craft: Kirka Sauce [?p]
22px Cook: Omblic Cocktail [?p]
22px Cook: Kirka Cocktail [?p]
22px Cook: Crestlich Salad [?p]
22px Cook: Ksellid Salad [?p]
22px Cook: Oculazen Candy [?p]
22px Cook: Wasteland Drakie Candy [?p]
22px Cook: Fungie Candy [?p]
22px Cook: Oculazen Candy [?p]

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