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Taloc's Hollow is a solo instance for level 51+ players. Entrances are in Gelkmaros and Inggison. Asmodians speak with <> in Krug Basin. Elysians must talk to Lothas in Taloc's Forest. Entry quests for the instance are Tango quest icon The Aether Must Flow [?] (Asmodian) and Tango quest icon Friends for Life [?] (Elyos). The instance is relatively straightforward, and with careful pulls to avoid being overwhelmed by multiple mobs is manageable. Cooldown is 22 hours for re-entry.

Map Edit

Taloc&#039;s Hallow Map

Lore Edit

When the Cataclysm shattered the Tower of Eternity, thousands of fragments from the great structure rained down all over Atreia. One huge shard tore into the ground beneath a great tree, long believed to be holy by nearby villagers. Soon the tree’s roots fused with the fragment, and the tree gained sentience; it became an Elim.

This Elim, Taloc, grew with each passing day, stretching its roots into Atreia’s very bones, and its branches into the turbulent skies overhead. Eventually Taloc grew so large that the Hallows inside it became veritable caverns, and the creatures that took up residence inside the Elim mutated. Daevas were recently sent to explore Taloc’s Hallow, but came back days later with a mystery illness...

Explore the depth of Taloc’s Hallow. Quell the bubbling chaos inside the great Elim, and find a cure for the condition that has struck down your fellow immortals!

Taloc Items Edit

There are several items that are useful while within the instance. The first two are given upon entry, while the others are found on the journey through the instance.

Manzu <Taloc Fruit>Increases HP by 90,000 and MP by 40,000.
22px Taloc's Tears (Asmodian)5,000 AOE damage to nearby enemies. Has 10 second cooldown. Shares cooldown with Shishir's Powerstone.
22px Shishir's PowerstoneDamages a single target by 7,000. Shares cooldown with Taloc's Tears.
22px Gellmar's WardstoneCreates a protective shield lasting 20 seconds that blocks upto 10,000 damage. One minute cooldown shared with Neith's Sleepstone.
22px Neith's SleepstoneAOE sleep for 15 seconds of nearby enemies. Shares cooldown with Gellmar's Wardstone.
Healing PlantRestores 30,000 HP instantly.
Huge Healing PlantRestores 30,000 HP and grants 22px Taloc's Blessing buff which heals constantly for 3 minutes.

Walkthrough Edit

Upon entering the instance, Taloc Fruit and Taloc's Tears are placed in your cube. Use the Fruit to immediately increase max HP by 90,000 and MP by 40,000. All assistance items will only last for two hours after acquiring them, but the instance is easily completed within that time, even doing a full clear of all mobs.

The first room has normal NPCs which will move into aggro range. Deal with them using normal attacks and Taloc's Tears. Be sure to pick up the quests from <Taloc's Soul>. Work through the room to the ramp at the back, defeating mobs along the way. The Cocooning Chamber has Shishir, who is relatively easy to defeat, although he can cast 22px Toxic Talon which prevents HP recovery for 10 seconds. Use Shishir's Corrosive Fluid to dissolve a cocoon and gain either a Templar or Cleric ally. Speak to one of them to have him join until he falls in battle or you get to Queen Mosqua.

Continue on into the instance, destroying spiderwebs which block access to some corridors. Gellmar can spawn in either the Muculent Grotto or The Swarmspring, in the midst of a group of clodworms. Use Taloc's Tears to deal with the clodworms, and fight Gellmar. He can heal using 22px Drain Moisture which will also cause damage.

If doing the quest for the Taloc's Soil, there are six locations through the instance to locate that look like small hills of soil. These are noted on the map. Continue through the first few areas to locate these if needed.

After entering Kinquid's Den, a cut scene will show the strategy to defeat him. Clear nearby mobs before engaging Kinquid to reduce aggro. Use the purple smoke to remove magical barriers, or the yellow smoke to remove physical barriers. Although Kinquid will use regular attacks most of the time, 22px Kinquid's Thrust causes bleeding, and 22px Kinquid's Bite or 22px Kinquid's Blast also cause damage.

Defeating Kinquid spawns <Hyas> up the pathway, who has a repeatable coin quest. Although a timer starts for killing Queen Mosqua, it resets and allows successful completion of the quest, so it is not necessary to rush. Continue on to Taloc's Boughs, fighting mobs along the winding path. Some care is required as some upper mobs will aggro from below and drag additional mobs towards you. The final 2 Taloc's Soils are found in side areas along the way. Eventually, make your way to Taloc's Tears, the final area before Queen Mosqua. Taloc's Knot is found at the very beginning of the path. Continue to get to Neith, and defeat the spider to get 22px Dorkin's Pocket Knife, the key to the hidden area containing Dorkin found behind the waterfall.

Dorkin completes quests, and is a merchant. Nearby is the Golden Egg of Mutant Insect which can be destroyed by the Hatchet sold by Dorkin. Gamble and perhaps get worthwhile manastones or enchantment stones... or a net loss as the hatchet costs 100,000 Kinah.

Queen Mosqua's nest has a number of easily defeated Supraklaw. Clearing most of these before engaging Queen Mosqua will reduce the chance of her calling them to her assistance during the battle. Queen Mosqua will use 22px Spawn Eggs during the fight, but these are easily destroyed using Taloc's Tears. If not destroyed, they hatch Supraklaws which join the fight. Mosqua will also use 22px Queen's Welcoming to summon a weakened but elite clone. After defeating Queen Mosqua, destroy the Egg, freeing an air current to get to the second last area - Taloc's Heart.

Taloc's Heart contains many Komad. There are two strategies, run through and jump down to Celestius, as the Komad will not follow. Or defeat them all, spawning a Huge Healing Plant which restores HP and has a Heal over Time for 3 minutes. If fighting the Komad, using the Concentrated Sap will quickly destroy nearby mobs.

Celestius, the final boss in Taloc's Hallow, is found by jumping down into Blightroot. The fight is relatively straightforward by using Gellmar's Wardstone and Shishir's Powerstone, and regular attack skills. Celestius uses 22px Grasping Tendrils to lift you into the air and then slam you into the ground, but Remove Shock is an effective countermeasure. After defeating Celestius, use the Taloc Research Diary on the nearby ground if required for the quest. Taloc's Mirage will appear nearby after defeating Celestius, to finish quests, and to teleport out of the instance.

Unique Drops Edit

Shishir22px Shishir's Corrosive Fluid
22px Shishir's Powerstone
Gellmar22px Gellmar's Pauldrons
22px Gellmar's Shoulderguards
22px Gellmar's Spaulders
22px Gellmar's Shoulderplates
22px Gellmar's Belt
22px Gellmar's Leather Belt
Kinquid22px Taloc's Soul
22px Taloc's Spirit
Neith22px Dorkin's Pocket Knife
22px Neith's Sleepstone
Queen Mosqua22px Mosqua's Soul
22px Mosqua's Spirit
22px Siel's Supreme Sword
22px Siel's Supreme Greatsword
22px Siel's Supreme Polearm
22px Siel's Supreme Dagger
22px Siel's Supreme Bow
22px Siel's Supreme Spellbook
22px Siel's Supreme Orb
22px Siel's Supreme Staff
22px Siel's Supreme Mace
22px Mosqua's Hairpin
22px Mosqua's Fluid
22px Mosqua's Poison
Celestius22px Celestius's Heart
22px Taloc's Soul
22px Celestius's Crorundum Earrings
22px Celestius's Turquoise Earrings
22px Celestius's Sword
22px Celestius's Greatsword
22px Celestius's Spear
22px Celestius's Dagger
22px Celestius's Longbow
22px Celestius's Tome
22px Celestius's Jewel
22px Celestius's Staff
22px Celestius's Warhammer
22px Celestius's Sap
22px Celestius's Leggings
22px Celestius's Breeches
22px Celestius's Chausses
22px Celestius's Greaves

Quests Edit

NameStarting NPCArea
Tango key quest icon <Stigma Expansion> [52]<Garath>Gelkmaros Fortress
Tango quest icon Soiled Soil [?]<Taloc's Soul>Krug Basin
Tango quest icon A Hard Seed to Crack [?]Hard SeedTaloc's Hallow
Tango quest icon [Coin] Spawning the Sap Suckers [?]<Hyas>Taloc's Hallow
Tango quest icon The Struggle Within [?]<Taloc's Soul>Krug Basin
Tango quest icon Intervention [?]<Vesvola>Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon Searching for a Cure [?]<Winstron>Gelkmaros Fortress
Tango quest icon Miener's Fruit [?]<Winstron>Gelkmaros Fortress
Tango quest icon A Fruitful Endeavor [?]MienerSpiritwood Forest
Tango quest icon Research on Mutant Insects [?]<Angrad>Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon Heart of Wood [?]<Irkale>Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon Practical Research [?]<Irkale>Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon Taloc's Boughs [quest] [?]<Eddas>Aether Research Group Campsite
Tango quest icon A Shulack's Story [?]<Denskel>Krug Basin
Tango quest icon The Lost Tome [?]DorkinTaloc's Hallow
NameStarting NPCStarting Region
Tango quest icon Taloc's Heart Full of Soul [?]ReemulInggison Illusion Fortress
Tango quest icon The Wounds of Change [?]<Taloc's Soul>Taloc's Hallow
Tango quest icon A Hard Seed to Crack [?]Hard SeedTaloc's Hallow
Tango quest icon [Coin] Death to the Queen [?]<Hyas>Taloc's Hallow
Tango quest icon With Friends Like These [?]<Taloc's Soul>Taloc's Hallow
Tango quest icon For What Ails You [?]CrosiaTaloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon Last Part of the Cure [?]PhailosInggisson Illusion Fortress
Tango quest icon The Ripe Stuff [?]TramisCalmheart Grove
Tango quest icon The Exterminator [?]TiallaTaloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon Wood-n't You Know It? [?]AdiasTaloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon Adias's Report [?]AdiasTaloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon The Balance [?]CrosiaTaloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon The Shulack of Taloc [?]TiallaTaloc Research Campsite
Tango quest icon What Book? [?]DorkinTaloc's Hallow

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Video Edit

Aion - Solo Instance Guide - Taloc's Hollow14:09

Aion - Solo Instance Guide - Taloc's Hollow

Guide to Taloc's Hollow

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