Temporal Stone
Siege Item
Only one can be carried
Soul Binding Available
Available for Level {{{level}}} or higher
Can be used by Level {{{levelb}}} or below
{{{race}}} Only
{{{craft}}} skill (?p)
Imbued with the mysterious energy of Aion, it is used to activate Artifacts.

Temporal Stones are imbued with the mysterious energy of Aion. They are used to activate Artifacts.

Acquisition Edit

22px Craft: Temporal Stone (Asmodian) [?p]
22px Craft: Temporal Stone (Elyos) [?p]
Rewarded from

Uses Edit

  • Activates Reshanta Artifacts

Quests Edit

Required for

Notes Edit

  • Temporal Stones can only activate artifacts in Reshanta. Artifacts in Balaurea require <Greater Temporal Stones>.
  • The more powerful an artifact is, the more temporal stones are required to activate it.

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