The High Daeva or Archdaeva is a new character in Aion lore introduced in 5.0. In the trailer he is depicted as a tall, dark-skinned and muscular man wearing a silver helmet. He is a being of immense power who is able to rival and possibly exceed the power of the Twelve Empyrean Lords combined.

Lore Edit

Seeing that even the twelve Empyrean Lords could not turn the tide in the battle against the Balaur, Aion created and sent the Archdaeva to Atreia to assist them.

His wings are golden in color, symbolizing true divine origin, and immense in size, symbolizing his power of being a one "True Daeva". It is possible that he represents the 'ultimate' or full potential, the culmination of power that is said to reside within every Daeva.
High Daeva Empyrean Lords

The Archdaeva calling forth the Empyrean Lords to aid him.

He aided the Empyrean Lords in the battle against the Balaur for over a thousand years until he (and most of the other Empyrean Lords) eventually came to accept the futility of the war and prepared for peace talks. Shortly before these could take place however Israphel came up to him and convinced him of the ideal opportunity this presented to destroy both the Balaur leadership and the vast bulk of their army in one go. The Archdaeva agreed, and thus while the Balaur were being invited over he secretly prepared for a last stand using Atreia's finest legions.

The Dragon Lords arrived and the aetheric field surrounding the Tower of Eternity was lowered. Blinded by his hatred for the Balaur and seizing the opportunity, the Archdaeva ordered the surprise attack. Amidst the ensuing chaos Dragon Lord Beritra "fell" as the lore states (although this was likely a ruse on his part to trick the other Dragon Lords into attacking the tower), and from that point onwards everything backfired horribly. Dragon Lord Fregion decimated the Archdaeva's finest troops in the blink of an eye before attacking the Tower of Eternity itself: the Cataclysm was now happening.

The Archdaeva, now realizing the terrible mistake he had made, gave up the entirety of his life force in an attempt to restore the aetheric field surrounding the tower, hoping to at the very least prevent the complete destruction of Atreia. As he lay dying, Lady Siel sealed the remainders of his power away inside the Tower. In her final act, the Lady of Time sacrificed herself as well as she froze the Tower of Eternity and the lands surrounding it in time, stabilizing the aetheric field and preserving the last of the Archdaeva's power which had been stored inside the tower.

With the truth behind the Cataclysm revealed and the seal over the lands on which the tower stands now weakened, the Daevas flock to the remnants of the tower to reclaim their past legacy. Will the Elyos and Asmodians learn from mistakes from the past, or will history repeat itself once more?

Trivia Edit

  • In the trailer the Archdaeva is seen sitting on a throne when Israphel comes up to him to propose his plan. This confirms that the Archdaeva was indeed regarded as the true "leader" of the Empyrean Lords.
  • The 5.0 trailer is, coincidentally, also the first trailer depicting the visage of Dragon Lord Fregion.
  • It is worth noting that the Archdaeva shows similarities to Israphel: both had become arrogant and corrupted, and both made a fatal mistake while being blinded by their own pride and power.
  • The official 5.0 trailer NCSoft West released does not portray the lore accurately: this was later confirmed by a staff member. A version using a more proper translation has been added to the links below.

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