The Crasaur Threat
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest
Number 2201
Given by <Heidunn>
in Altgard Fortress
Level 10
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2201]

The[sic] Help Heidunn kill Ice Crasaurs so he can get some sleep.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Hunt 10 Ice Crasaurs found on the north side of Altgard Ice Lake just outside the fortress, and return to Heidunn to collect your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"If I could just...zzzz...
...but the the chili competition...won first chili around...zzzzz...
Wh...wha...Oh! You startled me, [Player Name]! I was just, er, thinking. Deeply."
1 "Work, huh?"
"Well, technically yes.
Oh, it's Centurion <Valurion>! He's determined that the citizens must feel safe walking about the fortress, which is admirable, but--oh, he's just putting far too much on me!
"Patrol the fortress all day,"" he says, "and then hunt the creatures outside all night.""
1 "When do you sleep?"
"Ah! Ah-hah! That's the question, isn't it? When, when, when will I get some sleep? I just keep nodding off on patrol...and having...strange dreams...
Please, [Player Name], could you help me?
The Ice Crasaurs give me the most trouble--they keep me up the longest. Do you think you could hunt a few so I might get some sleep tonight?"

Accept Edit

"Oh, thank you! To think I might sleep tonight...and I've got such a strange craving for chili...
Anyway, you can find Ice Crasaurs in Altgard Ice Lake, right outside the fortress.
They spend most of their time in the water. If you can hunt maybe 10 of them, that would free up a few hours for...zzzzz..."
X "I'm on it. Enjoy your nap."

Decline Edit

"Oh. Well, I,m sure your day is already full of trouble and folly. No need for me to add to it.
I did hope you would pity my situation... Maybe you'll come back after you've...thought about...zzzzz..."
X "Maybe."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"No...nothing wrong with wings...zzzz...
Oh,[Player Name]! Er, did you hunt Ice Crasaurs for me?
I've been so anxious..."
1 "The creatures are dead."
"Oh, thank you!
Now I can report to Centurion Valurion. I am in your debt!
This isn't much, but it's all I can afford. Please take it."

Summary Edit

Heidunn is an Archon who was recently transferred to the Altgard Fortress.

He was ordered to clear all dangerous animals near the Fortress, but his orders left him no time for sleep. He asked you for help.

You killed 10 Ice Crasaurs for him.

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