Theobomos was an optional PvE area for Elyos adventurers. This island was located off the Elysean coast and featured two distinct areas: a lower-level area (from Meniherk Excavation Camp to The Scorchlands) which contained quests for level 20 to 25 players, and the rest of the map which catered to players between level 45 and 50. There was a clear barrier between the two areas to warn lower level players from venturing into the high level areas.

This land once a lush, verdant area but was burnt to ashes during the Cataclysm by Fregion's rage. Since then it has remained as a deserted, smoldering wasteland that has become a prime gathering place for bounty hunters, runaway criminals, and treasure seekers. It was named after Theobomos, an eccentric Elyos Daeva who once lived there.

The campaign that was set on this map was removed in Aion 4.x. Since then it mostly laid abandoned, although players would still visit it for access to the Adma Stronghold and Theobomos Lab instances. In the Aion 6.0 update this region was removed from the game. The major towns included Meniherk Excavation Camp for low levels, and Observatory Village and Jamanok Inn along with some smaller outposts for high levels.

Instances Edit

Group Instances

  • Theobomos Lab [46+]
  • Adma Stronghold [46+] (originally via a (temporary) dimensional rift in added in Aion 3.x. Later this was replaced by a permanent portal)

History Edit


Once a lush and fertile land brimming with life, all that remains of Theobomos in the present day is a barren wasteland. Fregion burned the lands with his flames in the aftermath of a Balaur invasion, and some of his flames still burn bright in The Scorchlands and Fregion's Flame areas even now, keeping the land in its desolate state. The map is littered with cliffs, mountains formations, valleys and complex cavern systems. The coastal area in the south, now buried under a think layer of volcanic ash, stands apart from the rest of the map.

Recently, treasure-hunting Shugos, runaway criminals, and bounty hunters have gathered here for various purposes, giving Theobomos a reputation of a somewhat lawless area populated by the dubious elements of Elyos society. But since the map contains many ruins and traces of the Empyrean Lords, it has also become a place of prime interest for archeological studies, drawing many scholars and researchers to it.

Theobomos Edit

The map derives its name from Theobomos, once a brilliant Elyos Daeva until he was exiled from Sanctum for reasons unknown. Embittered, he sought for a way to get his revenge on the Seraphim Lords and to redeem himself as a scholar. He made the remote island of what is now known as Theobomos his home and built a research center at the outskirts of the region, Theobomos Lab, where he indulged in secret experiments.

One day Theobomos' patience was rewarded as he unearthed the fragments of an ancient Petralith, massive weapons said to have been created by Aion himself. Under the codename Project Drakanhammer he began to work on restoring the giant back to functionality and at last unleashed it against the invading Balaur, who fell by numbers against its overwhelming power. Moments later however Fregion appeared and easily defeated the giant with just a few fireballs. Seeing his lifework defeated so easily, something snapped in Theobomos' mind. Records say he rushed into the chaos and pervading smoke with a blunt sword and fierce scream. That was the last that was ever seen of him.


  • Interestingly enough, the areas inside Theobomos Lab that are not specifically named are listed as Theobomos Lepharist Research Center. This suggests that Theobomos might have been a Lepharist at some point in is life or at least maintained connections with them.
  • This theory is strengthened by the fact that in-game books and dialogues often mention that those who are dissatisfied with the Empyrean Lords for whatever reason become a prime target for the Lepharists to bolster their ranks with. The bipedal golems guarding the lab also bear similarities to the monstrosities later created by the Lepharists.
  • "Theobomos" is the combination of two Greek words,"θεός" (theos) which means "god" and "βωμός" (bomos/vomos) which means altar.So Theobomos in Greek means "God's Altar".
  • In a later patch a dimensional rift was added to the map. On Sundays a maximum of one alliance of Asmodians could opt to enter a selected area of Theobomos. When this happens Elyos players will receive a notice and numerous guards, outposts and barricades will spawn in the area around Jamanok Inn, the final destination for the invaders.