Disambig icon For the quest with the same name, see Thialfi's Recommendation (quest).
Thialfi's Recommendation
Quest Item
Dispatch to Altgard
Only one can be carried
Soul Binding Available
Available for Level {{{level}}} or higher
Can be used by Level {{{levelb}}} or below
{{{race}}} Only
{{{craft}}} skill (?p)
A letter recommending an able Daeva to Meiyer. Double-click to read.
Reuse Time 2s

Thialfi's Recommendation is a letter recommending an able Daeva to <Meiyer>.

Acquisition Edit

Document Edit

Thialfi's Recommendation
Left button
Right button
- 1/2 -

- Recommendation Letter -

To: Meiyer, Centurion of Altgard Fortress

From: Thialfi, Great Temple

Recommended: [Player Name]

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