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Torirunerk is a Shugo of the Black Cloud Traders. He deals in lumber at the Tempest Shipyard in Sanctum.

Locations Edit

Dialogue Edit

"Look at the wood! Come see, come see!
Black Cloud Traders supply only the hardest and strongest woods in Atreia. Shipped from far, far away. Such quality!
Torirunerk cannot sell for a low price. Must get maximum value in order to open a new business, yes?"
1 "What sort of business?"
X "Good luck with that."
"Ah, a secret! Curious Daeva wishes to invest?
One thing Torirunerk tells you--Shugos never keep to just one business.
Whatever customer wants, Shugos get. Is our pride to provide for all needs promptly."
X "A sound practice!"

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