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The Tower of Eternity is the center point of Atreia. It was said to be the physical form of Aion. It nowadays stands as two separate bases: the Tower of Light in Elysea and the Tower of Darkness in Asmodae.

In Aion 5.0 it was introduced as a physical area with the sole purpose of serving as an access point to the three group instances located inside the Tower. The Iluma/Norsvold campaign added in 5.1 would also require the player to travel to this area.

In the Aion 6.0 update this area is likely to be removed from the game, following the cancellation of the Archdaeva system. The entrance to the Cradle of Eternity was relocated to Lakrum; the other two instances were removed from the game.

History Edit

Ancient Atreia Edit

Prior to the Millennium War, all life giving energy from Aion shone forth from the Tower of Eternity in the center of the planet to the whole of Atreia. Daevas had been entrusted with the responsibility for protecting the tower from the Balaur. As such, an Aetheric Field was created around the bases of the Tower, giving shelter to those humans in need and acting as the capital of Atreia.

However, a catalysmic event during the war shattered the Tower of Eternity. Rifts in the fabric of space known collectively as "the Abyss" now occupy much of the center of Atreia.

Following the destruction of the tower, the ancient Atreians were separated, creating the Elyos and Asmodian races, each occupying a different hemi-shell of Atreia. Sunlight reaches downward inside Atreia, illuminating the lower half in particular, where the kingdom of Elysea is located. Meanwhile, little light penetrated to the upper half, where Asmodae was defined.

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The view inside the Tower of Eternity

At the time of Echoes of Eternity (Aion 5.0), the aetheric field that had been surrounding the tower and its nearby lands for over a thousand years had weakened to the point where chunks of the tower had begun to fall off and the tower (or at least a part of it) could be accessed for the first time since the Cataclysm occurred.

Once inside, the Daevas found it to be a largely void area that seemingly stretches infinitely in all directions. Strange pillars can be found inside, and phenomena such as aurora lights and spatial rifts can be observed in the "sky". It largely remained a place of mystery.

In Aion 6.0 Ereshkigal directs all her hate against the Tower, seeing it as the biggest obstacle in the way of her ambition and revenge. The two halves of the Tower are only saved by the Incarnation of Aion. Following this the magical beam connecting the two halves quickly recover and Atreia is filled with Aions gentle light once again.

Access Edit

Tower of Eternity portal

Active portal in Norsvold

Access points to the tower may randomly appear in Iluma and Norsvold at select times in one of the four fragment excavation sites. Both races use their own 'instanced copy' of the zone (similar to the post-4.8 Idian Depths), meaning members of the other race cannot be encountered inside.

Layout Edit

The area is composed of four pillars. The northern one, called Reflection of Eternity, holds so far the entrance to the Archives of Eternity, Cradle of Eternity and Trials of Eternity instances only. The other pillars still remain inactive.

In the center stands the entry point. Guarded by a set of guards and their commander Eusebios (Elyos)/Astride (Asmodians), who will welcome the player and introduce them to the situation. Opposite from them there will be a portal leading to The Room of the Sage, a chamber on the second floor of the central structure only accessible during the appropriate sections of the campaign quests in Iluma and Norsvold.

To exit the zone the player may interact with the <Aionic Ward>, which will send them back to Ariel's Sanctuary or Azphel's Sanctuary depending on their race.

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