Triniel, Lady of Death

Triniel, known as the Lady of Death, is one of the Empyrean Lords. She is a follower of Azphel, and after the Cataclysm became a Shedim Lord.

Character Edit

She is hidden in a veil of mystery, and not much is known about her. It is said that she is cold as ice. She is symbolized by death and the Assassin class. She is mysterious and private, but she is known for her ability to strike fatally at her enemy's weakness.

If Zikel is Azphel's right arm, she is his left. Her strength matches Seraphim Lord Nezekan, and there are those who say that her dispassionate nature makes her stronger than the hot-headed Zikel.

Despite her cold personality, she is nurturing and loyal. Living in regret and taking action for her sin (giving birth to Kahrun), she is proactive with Asmodae's future and trains Atreia's deadliest assassins and rangers. Triniel treats her legions with tough love and holding them accountable for their responsibilities. The most famous Ancient Atreian legion, Red Sky, was lead and trained by the lady herself. Wielding extraordinary amounts of power and unity, Red Sky was able to take on Dragon Lord Beritra, and forcefully kicked the Balaur out of Brusthonin. It is rumored that the Red Sky Brigade General Virkel was a gift and subordinate of Lord Nezekan before being matured and raised by Lady Triniel.

Forbidden LoveEdit


Hiding their love, Lady Triniel and Lord Nezekan were lovers in Ancient Atreia. Although not allowing their love to falter her responsibility, she loved Nezekan with all her life. Then at some point in time during the Millenium War, Lady Triniel gave birth to Kahrun. Knowing the blasphemy of their actions, the two Lords hid Kahrun in a secret garden; a paradise that would give their child the environment he needed to grow up. Having any and every mortal possession a child could want, Kahrun however started to grow tired of his playground and became despondent. Kahrun being the offspring of two Empyrean Lords held tremendous power, and the lords knew that in his adulthood, he would potentially become the most powerful creature Atreia has ever seen. One day however the garden tragically burnt down and was destroyed; and little Kahrun was nowhere to be found. Seeing this tragedy as Aion's punishment, Triniel grew cold and detatched and the two Lords went their separate ways.

After many centuries, a benevolent being of immense power by the name of Kahrun was discovered leading the Reian People against Tiamat. After some amount of time however, Kahrun went missing. Both Elyos and Asmodians searched relentlessly to discover the whereabouts of Kahrun. At the end of the Danaria campaign series, Kahrun is finally found. By Aion's will, Lord Nezekan and Lady Triniel reunited after hundreds of years, outside the walls of their respective cities, Pandaemonium and Sanctum. Agreeing to set aside their duties for now, they both take Kahrun away together. 

Aion 401:21

Aion 4.0 Campaign Cut-Scene The Nicest Daeva in Danaria English Version

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