Udas Temple

The Udas Temple stands as an ancient relic of the Millennium War . Built by fanatics brainwashed by the Dragon Lord Beritra , the architecture is similar in style to that of the ancient Atreian humans . Beritra manipulated these fanatics, bending them to his will until they were little more than puppets, and then ordered them to build a colossal temple dedicated to his legend. Those brainwashed fanatics worshipped Beritra for centuries, and indoctrinated thousands into their ranks. At one stage the Empyrean Lords grew so concerned with their numbers that Lady Siel sent the Siel's Spear Legion to destroy the great temple. The attack failed, but the ruined parts of the building still to this day show the scars of that terrible battle. A group of Balaur worshippers known as the Dragonbound have recently taken up residence in the abandoned temple. Your task is to find out what these traitors are looking for, and to give aid to the few descendants of the Siel’s Spear Legion, the Reian tribesmen.

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