Vaizel, Lord of Freedom

Vaizel, known as the Lord of Freedom, is one of the Empyrean Lords. He is a follower of Ariel, and after the Cataclysm became a Seraphim Lord.

Character Edit

Vaizel is excessive, boisterous, vain, and symbolised by freedom and the Ranger class. He puts his own needs and desires above those of Elysea. Often underestimated for his mischievous, playful nature, he is actually quite sharp and calculating.

His talents include archery and disguise, and he is very fleet of foot.

He prefers to mingle with humans rather than staying in the capital of Elysea, Sanctum.

History Edit

Vaizel is treated like the black sheep of Elysea. Even Nezekan, who is known for his tolerance, has little patience for Vaizel's flamboyant ways and liberal views. Vaizel has his own definition for "justice",so he doesn't acknowledge Nezekan's authority as the Lord of Justice. For this reason he often dares to openly confront Nezekan who is known for his swift justice ,which further strains their relationship.

Later when the offensive against Tiamat starts, he is acting as a shadow who is observing the happenings on the battlefield. He is the one who requests aid for Kaisinel in his reports,because the Sanctum Expeditionary Force's marching was stopped by the Tiamat Legion and the aggressive Asmodian Vanguard's attacks are weakening Kaisinel's positions in Inggisson .

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