Veldina's Call
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest
Number 29004
Given by <Veldina>
in Temple of Gold
Level 10
Sharable No
Abandon No
In-game Link [quest: 29004]

Veldina is looking for you. Go to Pandaemonium to meet her.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

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Walkthrough Edit

Go to Pandaemonium, and speak to each of the NPCs. To get to Angulot, you need to take the Marchutan Teleport Statue near the entrance.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Azphelumbra, [Player Name]. Forgive me for sending a summons out of the blue like this, but there's something important I need to share with you.
Long ago, I discovered that I possessed the gift of divinity. It's a curious gift, because it doesn't allow me to see into the future, or even the present. However, I can sense a person's aura.
The intensity of the aura is a direct reflection of that person's destiny, and how it is tied to the fate of all Atreia."
1 "That's fascinating."
"When I saw you at the ascension ceremony, I saw that your aura was one of the most intense--if not THE most--I've ever sensed outside the Shedim Lords themselves.
You are irrevocably tied to the fate of all Atreia, of that I am certain. I was so surprised that I told High Priest Balder and Captain Kvasir. Now they want to meet you.
While destiny is absolute, I believe meeting the leaders of Pandaemonium could help you better understand your path. Please see them. I look forward to seeing where destiny leads you, [Player Name]."
1 "Thanks for the revelation."

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"Welcome Daeva.
I recognize you.... You recently ascended, did you not? I was there at the ceremony.
I imagine coming from Ishalgen, you don't have many friends here in Pandaemonium. Know that the Great Temple welcomes all.
1 "Veldina sent me."
"Ah yes, Veldina. Aion has blessed her with a great gift, though I feel she relies on it too much when judging others.
Judgment can be cruel, and wrong. The Elyos believe they are blessed by Aion, and that we Asmodians are forsaken. Asmodae is a harsh land, and we might not be blessed, but we are stronger because of it.
Please... Visit Kvasir now. Listen to what he has to say. Walk in Azphel's shadow, my child."
1 "Thank you, High Priest."
"Hmmmm... I know your face.
You're that [Player Class] who recently ascended? I saw you at the ceremony.
You're from Ishalgen, right? You know <Ulgorn>, then? Hah! How is that old codger doing? I hope he's keeping the Raiders in line."
1 "He is. Veldina sent me."
"So you're the one she was talking about. I know better than to doubt Veldina... I just wish her gift provided a bit more clarity. Your destiny may not come about for another century, for all we know.
You do have a certain...air about you, though. Make sure to talk to me about the Fenris's Fangs once you've gained a bit more experience.
Have you been to the Convent of Marchutan to speak with <High Priest AgehiaAgehia> yet? I'm sure she'll want to meet you as well."
1 "Thank you, Kvasir, I'll do that."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Shhhh...Please lower your voice.
The High Priest is taking a much needed rest.
What brings you to the Convent of Marchutan?"
1 "Kvasir sent me."
"Ah, [Player Name], was it?
The Captain of the Fenris's Fangs is an excellent judge of characters, and Veldina's talent for divinity is without question.
Unfortunately, the High Priest is resting, and I cannot disturb her at the moment. I will send word when she is able to see you. I bid you farewell, and may the blessings of Lord Marchutan ever follow in your footsteps."

Summary Edit

Veldina said she felt a vast presence from you during the Daeva's ceremony, and offered to introduce you to the leaders of Pandaemonium.

When you went to High Priest Balder and mentioned Veldina, he welcomed you, warning you not to trust too much in one judgment.

When you went to Kvasir, Captain of Fenris's Fangs, he mentioned that he knew Ulgorn, and offered to introduce you to High Priest Agehia at the Convent of Marchutan.

However, Priest Angulof told you that Agehia was unavailable, and asked you to return another time.

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