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Verteron is a coastal region of Elysea surrounded by high mountain ranges, and is the main questing area for level 10-20 Elyos characters. Although a beautiful place, there are growing concerns over the recent activity from Lepharist Revolutionaries and raids from the Tursin Krall. It is in this area that the player will find the first (solo) instance at Lv16, Haramel.

There are no rifts in Verteron.

History Edit

Verteron Citadel, a fortress at the center of the area, was constructed to defend the Abyss Gate. This is also the very same Abyss Gate from where Deltras and the Storm Legion marched on to the Abyss and eventually Asmodae.

Sub-zones Edit

Towns and Outposts
Explorable areas

Quests Edit

Main article: List:Verteron quests

Notable Characters and NPCs Edit

See List of Verteron NPCs

Resources Edit

Resources which can be harvested using essencetapping skill.

Aria1pHerbAzpha <Aria>
Inina1pShellfishBlicora <Inina>
Cypri5pFishCypri Cypri
Mela10pFruitApple <Mela>
Iron15pMetalIron Ore <Iron Ore>
Kukuru20pVegetableBriga <Kukuru>
Ruko25pPlantAnathe Fiber Ruko Fiber
Betua Log30pLogTecoma Log Betua Log
Silver35pSoft MetalSilver Ore <Silver Ore>
Rose Quartz40pGemRed ore <Rose Quartz Ore>
Targena45pHerbKandula Targena
Rubus50pFruitRubus <Rubus>
Liguri55pVegetablePotato Liguri
Crystal60pGemWhite ore <Crystal Ore>
Modida65pFishBlueta Modida
Dado75pVegetableCippo Dado
Amethyst80pGemBlue ore <Amethyst Ore>
Venera85pShellfishVenera Venera
Caprauna90pFruitCaprauna Caprauna
Afari95pFishKisaki Afari

Travel Connections Edit

Teleportation Sanctum 594 Kinah icon
Teleportation Poeta 951 Kinah icon
Teleportation Eltnen 2,022 Kinah icon
Teleportation Heiron 3,211 Kinah icon
Teleportation Theobomos 1,902 Kinah icon
Flight transporter
Flight PathCost
FlightConnection Verteron CitadelArdus Shrine 677 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Verteron CitadelPilgrims Respite 475 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Verteron CitadelTolbas Village 237 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Verteron CitadelVerteron Observatory 664 Kinah icon
*Note: Teleport and Flight Transporter prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.

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