Verteron Citadel

Verteron Citadel, sometimes called the Verteron Fortress, is a fortress at the center of the Verteron Swamp and is the major town in Verteron. It was constructed to defend the Abyss Gate. This town offers a number of services, and provides flight transport to other towns. After leaving the starting area of Poeta, this is the first place visited. Services include teleporter, flight transporter, Soul Healing, warehouse and trade broker, as well as several merchants. You can bind to the obelisk in the center of town. There is also a mailbox in town near the obelisk. This is an area where characters can fly. You can leave through either the east gate.

List of NPCs Edit

Kaisinel Academy
  • <Georg> (50) <Kaisinel Academy Clerk>
  • <Markos> (50) <Kaisinel Academy Instructor>
Orichalcum Key
  • <Haraene> (50) <Orichalcum Key Weapon Steward>
  • <Herania> (50) <Orichalcum Key Special Steward>
  • <Jiyol> (50) <Orichalcum Key Armor Steward>
  • <Narsil> (50) <Orichalcum Key Shield Steward>
  • <Seira> (50) <Orichalcum Key Member>

Travel Connections Edit

Teleportation Sanctum 594 Kinah icon
Teleportation Poeta 951 Kinah icon
Teleportation Eltnen 2,022 Kinah icon
Teleportation Heiron 3,211 Kinah icon
Teleportation Theobomos 1,902 Kinah icon
Flight transporter
Flight PathCost
FlightConnection Verteron CitadelArdus Shrine 677 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Verteron CitadelPilgrims Respite 475 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Verteron CitadelTolbas Village 237 Kinah icon
FlightConnection Verteron CitadelVerteron Observatory 664 Kinah icon
*Note: Teleport and Flight Transporter prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.

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