Weaponsmithing anvil

Weaponsmithing is a profession that focuses on the creation of metal weapons which include:

Recommended Classes: Warriors, Assassins and Clerics

Learning Weaponsmithing Edit

To become a weaponsmith, talk to either <Anteros> in Sanctum or <Logi> in Pandaemonium and pay 3,500 Kinah. Increase your crafting level either by doing work orders obtained from the Weaponsmithing Master or by making various weapons from designs and materials. As with all crafts, you must talk to the Weaponsmithing Master to learn higher levels of Weaponsmithing.

Work Orders Edit

Weaponsmithing work orders typically require the player to repair old and broken weapons as well as creating metal-based supplies.

Main article: Weaponsmithing work orders

Designs Edit

Weaponsmithing designs allow the player to create a wide variety of melee weaponry. Balic designs also allow the use of Balaur materials to enhance these weapons.

Main article: Weaponsmithing designs

Gatherable Materials for Weapons Edit

With the main requirement for weapons being metals, increasing Essencetapping allows a weaponsmith to gather their own materials and reduce the costs of creating weapons. Gathering the following ores can be helpful.


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