When I Seafood, I Eat It.
Race Asmodian
Type Standard quest
Number 2579
Given by Rerua
in Besfer Refugee Camp
Level 39 (38)
Sharable Yes
Abandon Yes
In-game Link [quest: 2579]

Get Potcrab Forelegs, Lobnite Meat and Hot Spices for Rerua who wants to cook Spicy Seafood Soup.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Obtain the Materials for Seafood Soup and bring them to Rerua.
Potcrab Foreleg (0/8)
Lobnite Meat (0/10)
Hot Spice (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 1,052,800 XP

Optional Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Kill Lake Potcrabs and Frost Lobnites at the Anair Ice Lake until you have the required numbers of ingredients. You can buy the Hot Spice from Daraia, the Cooking Merchant in Pandaemonium.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Ahem! I may be coming down with something. I feel a chill and keep getting these coughs. I wish I had some hot seafood soup to warm my insides.
The hot and spicy soup cooked with plump Potcrab Forelegs and tender Lobnite Meat...oh that would be just the thing.
Maybe it's because I don't have many days left to live, but I keep thinking back on the food my mother used to cook for me when I was a child. She made wonderful soup."
1 "Sounds good."
"You may find it hard to believe, but when I was young the Anair Ice Lake was teeming with Potcrabs and Lobnites. Its water was so clean back then...the Potcrabs we caught were sweet and plump. Six people could feast on jus tone steamed Potcrab.""
But no delicacy could compare to my mother's Seafood Soup cooked with hot spices.
Flavorful broth and plenty of meat! Oh, my mouth is watering."
1 "So is mine."
"I shouldn't have mentioned it. It only makes me hungrier!
Say, about you doing a little favor for this old woman? If you can get me some Potcrab Forelegs and Lobnite Meat, I can cook it up and serve you a bowl as well!"

Accept Edit

"Oh goodness, I can almost taste it already!
You'll find Lake Potcrabs and Frost Lobnites down at the Anair Ice Lake.
And also get me some Hot Spices from Daraia the cooking merchant in Pandaemonium. You can't get the proper flavor without that."
X "I'll be back soon."

Decline Edit

"Have you no mother, Daeva?
You are so cruel to refuse the pleading of an old woman.
Don't pretend to look sorry. Just leave if you are not going to get them for me."
X "Azpehlumbra."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Oh, who is this!
Isn't this the Daeva who went to get Materials for Seafood Soup for this old woman?
I have been waiting so eagerly for you to return!"
1 "Well, here I am."
"Oooh!...these Potcrab Forelegs look very plump! The Lobnite Meat is juicy and fresh!
And you didn't forget about the Hot Spices, either.
Thank you so much. I'll get to cooking that pot of Seafood Soup."

Summary Edit

Rerua believed she was coming down with something, and said she really craved some Spicy Seafood Soup.

When you brought her the Potcrab Forelegs, Lobnite Meat, and Hot Spices for Seafood Soup, she was very thankful.

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