White Sugar
Only one can be carried
Soul Binding Available
Available for Level {{{level}}} or higher
Can be used by Level {{{levelb}}} or below
{{{race}}} Only
{{{craft}}} skill (?p)
Premium refined sugar.

White Sugar is a premium refined sugar used in cooking.

Acquisition Edit


Uses Edit

Cook: Ormea Juice 240p
Cook: Canned Meon Smoothie 250p
Craft: Canned Brommel Smoothie 250p
Cook: Pressa Juice 260p
Cook: Ormea Cocktail 295p
Cook: Griffo Candy 295p
Cook: Agrint Candy 295p
Cooking: Kobold Candy 295p
Cooking: Krall Candy 295p
Cook: Pressa Cocktail 295p
Cook: Malek Drakie Candy 295p
Cook: Frozen Agrint Candy 295p
Cook: Ormea Sherbet 300p
Craft: Pressa Sherbet 300p
Cook: Egrasi Sap 310p
Craft: Asvata Sap 310p
Cook: Sanctum Natural Food 360p
Craft: Morheim Natural Food 360p
Cook: Verteron Energizing Tea 370p
Craft: Beluslan Energizing Tea 370p
Cook: Lunime Juice 380p
Cooking: Wild Ginseng Pickle 385p
Cook: Leopis Juice 390p
Cook: Poco Mookie Candy 395p
Cooking: Anubite Candy 395p
Cooking: Unfest Candy 395p
Cook: Poco Mookie Candy 395p
Balic Dish: True Dragon Curry 400p
Balic Dish: Star Dragon Curry 400p
Balic Dish: White Dragon Salad 420p
Balic Dish: White Dragon King Salad 420p
Cook: Triora Aether Jelly 420p
Balic Dish: Black Dragon Salad 420p
Balic Dish: Black Dragon King Salad 420p
Cook: Zeller Aether Jelly 420p
Cook: Perer Aether Jelly 440p
Cook: Cippo Aether Jelly 440p
Cook: Beshu Juice 470p
Cook: Drupa Juice 470p

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